Digimon Adventure Episode 29: Will Taichi SAVE his Sister, Hikari From SkullKnightmon, Release Date and Spoilers

Fuji TV has been airing the reboot series of popular science-fiction anime series, Digimon Adventure since April 2020. The original Digimon Adventure aired back in 2000 and was followed by sequel series, Digimon Adventure 02 and several feature films and video game adaptations. Toei Animation is handling the animation and production of the series that takes place in 2020, but the storyline is similar to the original anime series.

Taichi Yagami and his friend Koshiro Izumi are mysteriously transported to the digital world where they encounter digital monsters. They later acquired a device called Digivices and befriends with Digimon while fighting against a group of Argomon. While they are trapped inside the digital world, the real world is suffering from life-threatening cyber-attacks. After realising that the Argomon are responsible for the catastrophic events in the real world, they realise that they have to stop the threats to protect the world.

Taichi and Koshiro aren’t the only children trapped inside the digital world. Seven children, including them, have transported to the digital world while they were getting ready for school’s camp. The latest episode aired on Sunday, December 13, 2020, which is titled — The Children’s Fight for Survival. In the episode, SkullKnightmon appears after the children’s battle with DarkKnightmona and a rouge Digimon. The SkullKnightmon kidnaps Hikari and takes her away from Taichi and Agumon.

Digimon Adventure Episode 29 AirDate

The next episode titled Escape the Burning Jungle will air on December 20, 2020, on Fuji TV in Japan. Crunchyroll will stream the episode internationally after Fuji TV airs the episode in Japan. Taichi and Agumon now got separated with Hikari and other children, who were previously transported to different places. In the upcoming episode, the children will reunite and work together to rescue Hikari from the evil SkullKnightmon. But, before rescuing Taichi encounters another huge problem. He meets various kinds of Digimon on the jungle, which is going to burn. Taichi and Agumon fight for them while the jungle is burning.

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