Seagate 20TB HAMR Hard Disk: Release Date and Latest Updates.

Technology is getting better day by day, where Seagate is planning to come with 20TB Heat-assisted magnetic recording technology. 

In October 2020, Seagate announced the developing next level of HMAR that gives a massive increase in hard drives capacity which stands rival in the market.

What is 20TB HAMR?

This technology took decades to succeed in the market as it aims to store the voracious data on a magnetic device- A hard disk drive. That helps to heat the disk material for the time been during smaller recording bits in a benefit able way contrasted to Western Digital in MAMR.

Seagate Hard disk is more apt for storage purpose which states fast, easy in reading and writing with a lightweight. 

Seagate 20TB HAMR Hard Disk: Release Date and Latest Updates.

When is Seagate aiming to sale out?

Seagate is mainly targeting Western Digital as they are working on MAMR, so that could enhance the great opportunity for HAMR technology in coming years.

At the earning meeting, Seagate opening their new technology on 20TB HAMR with TechRadar Pro will be out by the end of 2020. Seagate advancing the HAMR technology without any complex and expensive technology and not confirmed with its price. 

NetApp has given approval regarding the test of Seagate HMAR in capacities of 20TB-plus range. HAMR 20TB  is coming with the usage of the heat of up to 450 degrees focusing on the recording of smaller regions. Also aiming five times the current data density by increasing 2 to 6 Tbytes.

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What’s Seagate’s next plan on the HMAR technology?

Previously, Seagate establishing 15TB and now gonHardna have a rival among the market- targeting to increase 30 percenta per year. Even promising to develop HAMR technology-  50TB HDD by 2026. And also aiming to complete second-gen- HAMR 24TB and 28TB after the release of 20TB in six months. 


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