Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo Dicaprio Spotted on the set of Don’t Look Up! Catch all the Exciting and latest Updates Right here!

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio capture for the filming of their first new scientific movie jointly ‘Don’t Look Up’ at South Station in Boston.

The Actors seems together for the film- Don’t Look Up:

Don’t Look Up is an Upcoming American sci-fi movie that will be streaming on Netflix comedy genre and the story follows as two low-level astronomers cautioning every media to cover their story and telling that an asteroid is addressing the earth in six months or soon that will lead to destruction to mankind. 

The movie is directing by Adam McKay, casting by many notable actors such as Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ariana Grande, Timothee Chalamet, Mathew Perry, Cate Blanchett and goes on. 

When did they start filming?

The crew made arrangements to start the filming in April 2020 but put on the break as the circumstances didn’t go well, so the crew starting their work again on 18th November 2020 where the cast being in Boston, Massachusetts and will be out by next year. 

The actors were encountering on 1st December 2020 at South Station in Boston while making one scene in the flick that went viral on social media.

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo Dicaprio Spotted on the set of Don't Look Up! Catch all the exciting and latest updates right here!

What happened on the set of Don’t Look Up?

  • Jennifer Lawrence in a casual outfit-Mustard yellow sweater and denim, wearing a red wig that looks very stunning on her. 
  • On the other hand, Leonardo DiCaprio in his waggy clothes- Plaid shirt and Corduroy Jacket, wearing goggles and beard. 
  • The actors were holding luggage that looked like they were on any mission and travelling in trains that lined up many crowds in public. 
  • Another scene has been captured where Jennifer being arrested in the flick- wearing a dark green hoodie, grey joggers and red headed. 
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The movie is highly in expectation to become Lawrence’s latest movie after a two years gap and also making Lawrence and Leonardo’s movie together for the first time. 

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