Riverdale Season 5: Watch Official TRAILER HERE, Veronica Discovers ROMANCE between Archie and Betty, Release Date CONFIRMED, Storyline and More

The CW has finally released the official trailer of much anticipated fifth season of steamy teen drama, Riverdale. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will serve as the show runner for the fifth season, which will debut on January 20, 2021. The upcoming season will certainly reveal some of the shocking revelations that were unanswered in the previous season. KJ Appa and Lili Reinhart will return to reprise their respective roles, along with Cole Sprouse and Camila Mendes.

The teenagers of the town, Riverdale will be attending Prom Night in the premiere of the fifth season. The trailer showed a lot of has been happened in the town and among the teenagers. Apart from attending a prom night, Betty and Jughead are again investigating yet another murder case. Riverdale Season 5 will probably pick up fromĀ  the closing events of Season 4 finale episode. Betty and Jughead first discovers a VHS tape that invites them to a cabin. Then, they found another videotape, which showed some mask men stabbing Mr. Honey to death.

Watch Riverdale Season 5 HERE!

Riverdale Season 5 Plot Synopsis

Primarily, the season will explore the reason or person behind the strange VHS tape that has been distributed throughout the town. The new murder case that Betty and Jughead are investigating may relate to the same incident. That’s not it, the teenagers will again face relationship issues and heartbreak. Veronica has discovered that something romantic has happened between her boyfriend, Archie and Betty. She has potentially found the passionate tryst between Betty and Archie during their Prom Night, based on the dress, she is wearing on the trailer.

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The trailer showed more sneak peak on what to expect in the upcoming season. We see Betty and Jughead visiting Bret at prison, where Bret warns them that something will hit them hard. Archie is also visiting his father’s grave, where he starts weeping. The most interesting scene in the trailer is when Betty is shown with a gun. However, there’s confusion whether she is arming at herself or pointing at someone else. There’s certainly several action-packed stuff going on the fifth season, as we see Jughead punching someone.

Moreover, there will be seven-year time skip in the upcoming season. Everything will be unveiled when the series returns on Wednesday, January 20 at 8/7 c on The CW.




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