Young Sheldon Season 4 Episode 4: Sheldon Cooper Takes BIG STEP to go to College, Paige Returns

The fourth season of Young Sheldon started streaming from November 5, 2020. CBS had renewed the show for the third and fourth season back in 2019. The previous seasons of the sitcom used to air in late September every year, but CBS had to premiere the first episode of the fourth season in November due to the coronavirus pandemic in the US. Young Sheldon is the spinoff prequel to th popular American sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

The previous episode of the fourth season, Episode 3, aired on November 19, 2020. However, the show had a break and didn’t air the following week on November 26 — because it was Thanksgiving! But don’t worry, the show will return in the first week of December, which is on December 3, 2020. Jaffar Mahmood will direct the episode, who previously directed the first episode of the fourth season.

Young Sheldon tells the story of one of the famous The Big Bang Theory character, Sheldon Cooper. Cooper attends high school at the age of nine and lives with his father in East Texas. Sheldon has now graduated from High School as a valedictorian at the beginning of the fourth season. He will be attending college after the summer but he doesn’t seem that he is ready for the college yet. The major hindrance would be his age and many things will change for the smart little boy.

However, in the latest episode, Training Wheels and an Unleashed Chicken, Sheldon has grown up little. He had to break his arm to mature and he realises that he needs to stop depending on his mother too much. Looks like, we would see a little matured young man in the upcoming episodes, in Sheldon’s own right. The next episode is titled Bible Camp and a Chariot of Love and will air 8 pm EST on CBS.

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After airing on 3rd December, the show will have yet another break. The show will return to its normal weekly schedule after December 17, 2020.


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