All abut the Modern Tracking Technology used in Smartwatches and Smartphones.

A tracker is a software or a device that can track the particular job it is being assigned or made for. Such as tracking the location and your heartbeat. GPS tracker is very common in today’s smartphones. Nowadays people are very of one in losing their belongings. In such a case a tracker can be attached to avoid losing your asset.

Types of trackers

  • RFID or radio frequency identification is a small tag-like device that contains a microchip or transistor. A scanner can detect these trackers from a distance of some feet. Therefore, they are used on expensive items like merchandise.
  • Radio tracking is an advanced version of RFID trackers. They can track objects from a great distance. But it provides a directional signal which gives a rough idea of the location of the particular device or the thing it is been attached with. They are mostly used in biological labs.
  • Cell phone GPS is yet very common tracker which is found in every smartphone nowadays. But even if your device isn’t GPS enabled its location can be tracked by other methods. The nearest cell phone towers help in tracking the signal strength and then accordingly it’s position can be tracked.

There are some disadvantages too. The position of your cell phone can be tracked through which people can reach your location easily. When a call is held the satellite creates a connection between you and the other person. This connection can be tracked through which people can hear whatever is been said on the call which can leak information. Some advertisement which appears on your phone can also help in tracking of your information in that device. This information includes your bank details which can be used to draw money from that particular bank. Although devices can only be tracked when they are active or charged. This is because it continuously sends and responds to signals. But if the device is switched off no such signals are received or send and therefore it can’t be tracked.

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