Automatic Driving and Electromobility in the Vehicles Introduced in This Century Revolutionizing the Industry.


Digitalization and the upbringing of electric drive Technology around the world have shown the potential to transform the automotive industry. While it is sure that Innovation and new technologies will always help to provide new opportunities and business models to the public. And on the same side, new technologies have shown to overlap the traditional Business models and sometimes threaten them or making them extinct.

Autonomous vehicle technology has shown a great rise in Europe. And now it has started taking share in the European economy. Autonomous vehicle technology and electromobility both are interconnected technologies and are used subsequently together. Another point in consideration with this technology will be the permit that each country will provide in accordance with the safety of its public. We might come across some examples where this technology will be prohibited to use on roads. 

The current condition of the technology:

For many years now electromobility has been around the world. But autonomous driving is something that came up in the second decade of the 21st century. The research in automatic driving in many forms over the years. We have relations from no automation to complete automation in a vehicle that can excite and scare a person at the same time.

There have been mixed reactions to the extent of automation in a vehicle by experts. But it can be accepted that a human assistant at a certain level is necessary for complete safety. Using some of the safety procedures by a computer cannot be termed as an automatic driving system. Any business model that wishes to develop an automatic driving technology would aim at the robot taxis. However, semi-automatic vehicles have already been developed throughout the world and this technology has been appreciated. But it is still yet to develop fully automatic vehicles without any support.


Recent developments:

Assistance systems have been installed inside vehicles to help the human driver and these systems are available in the market today. One of the biggest problems in front of the inventors is to develop a system inside a vehicle that can record the data in real-time and process it to make appropriate decisions while driving. There are many business models that exist today on different levels of automatic driving technology.

While assistance systems are an important aspect of a flagship car today. Semi-automated driving systems are becoming more and more available in markets. But the fully autonomous vehicle is still far away. And it has been seen that new business models and companies are taking more interest in investing in the fully autonomous technology directly. 

Speaking of electromobility as we all know it is the concept of electric cars in vehicles. And the most common feature that exists in these vehicles is that they are partially or fully powered by electricity. And moving forward from the era of cars being powered through fossil fuels electric cars have shown us hope you have more environment-friendly transportation systems.


After the rapid growth of the automotive industry in the second half of the 20th century, emissions from vehicles have been increasing every year. And this has become a serious threat to air quality across the world. Cars in markets today have been equipped with electromobility. They are available to the general public and these cars are getting more and more modernized with time. Certainly, the use of electromobility in cars must be increased across the world because greener technology is the need of the hour. 

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While both the technologies took birth in the 21st century there is a lot of development that needs to be made. In the future, I can see that the automatic driving technology can be worked alongside an electromotive vehicle. 

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