Snapchat to Bring a Tiktok Like Feature– Details

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app is all set to roll a new feature which will rival the Tiktok Duets. Here’s all you need to know about it.

New Feature– Snapchat Remix

Snapchat I introducing a new feature which is somewhat similar to the Tiktok ‘Duets’. This new feature named Snapchat Remix’ will allow the users to reply to snaps by recording their own snaps.

Snapchat to bring a Tiktok like feature– Details

This new feature will let the users to remix their friends’ stories and users will have a variety of layouts to choose from. Two users can now record snaps and place it one beside the other, playing together.

Apart from this, users can also create their own stories and tag their friends to check how creative their stories are.

Layouts include– side by side, top and bottom, picture in picture, an others.

Announcement and Updates

Reverse Engineer and App Researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi taking to Twitter shared this,

“Snapchat is working on the possibility of remixing friends’ Stories. You can choose between different layouts to create your snap.”

Snapchat to bring a Tiktok like feature– Details

There is no official announcement as to when this feature will be available to the users. It is said to be still in testing phase.

With the introduction of this new feature, Snapchat will be even more interesting and may influence people to join Snapchat as it will have everything in one app.

Replying to stories with their own snaps playing alongside is surely a greate feature. Also, the company is planning to inculcate the same in its already available ‘Spotlight’ feature.

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Snapchat adding in new filters, be it for promotions or be it for any festival all across the world is a pretty interesting thing. And now with the addition of this upcoming feature, Snapchat is surely a big attraction for all the smartphone user and social media buffs.

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