Lightroom RAW Photo Import Defaults: Details and How to adjust them

RAW default is the automatic processing of a RAW file as it is added to Lightroom. It applies a colour profile upon upload to each image automatically. It does not sound new, but with the help of software, user can simply import with the colour profile that was selected in the camera which was not possible to import to a default Adobe colour profile. RAW default can also be used to accelerate the editing process and helps in getting the polished image faster. The settings are just same as any non-destructive Lightroom adjustment. It means user have the same flexibility with the file no matter what RAW default use.

RAW default

For example, if the user selects the camera profile as RAW default, and captures black-and-white photo in the camera, then you can still convert that photo to colour just by switching the profile.

How to adjust RAW defaults in Lightroom?

At the top of the window, the Master drop-down menu has the following three different options:

  • Adobe Default: If you will not change these options before, this is the setting which you can use now. Adobe Default helps in minimal processing to RAW files.
  • Camera Settings: This option will imports RAW files automatically with the colour profile of the camera which was already applied. It means that the photos will look similar to how they will appear on the back of the LCD screen. If the user has changed the colour profile in the camera, the changes will be applied to the RAW photo on import, and includes any black-and-white filters or film effects that has been added.
  • Presets: This setting applies a Develop preset to every photo that will be uploaded by the user. It is defienetely a good option only if one use the same exact preset on nearly every photo, or for using adaptive ISO presets.
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Go to Edit > Preferences from Windows, or Lightroom Classic > Preferences from a Mac. In the pop-up, navigate to the tab labeled Presets.

How to apply different RAW defaults for different cameras?

First of all, user have to choose a camera from the drop-down, then, after setting all RAW defaults, select from Adobe default, camera settings, or a preset in the Default drop-down menu. It must not be selected from the Master drop-down menu. Click on Create Default and then repeat the same for any other cameras in which user wants to add a custom RAW default to. Others will use the master default settings from the top.

If a user want to delete or edit an existing RAW preset for a camera model, then the user have to use the arrow icon from the end of the row to adjust that option. RAW photos are most flexibile, but Lightroom Classic’s RAW defaults allow the user to jump-start editing from what the JPEG would have looked like.

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