The Best Eye Cream to get rid of dark circles From La Mer: The Eye Concentrate

The Best Eye Cream to get rid of dark circles From La Mer: The Eye Concentrate

If you are someone going through sleeplessness or exhausting days, then dark circles will definitely be your best friend. The worst part about it: It will make you look older than your age. There are a number of home remedies available on the internet, however, a maximum of them don’t give the desired result or may even worsen the situation. So, let’s get into the depth of the issue and see how The Eye Concentrate, the best eye cream to get rid of dark circles, works.

What causes dark circles?

The most common causes of dark circles are lack of sleep, fatigue, pollution, and stress. Our daily lives are quite hectic and we often don’t get enough sleep which shows on to our skin. 

Further, too much sun exposure releases an excess of melanin, the coloring pigment,  which leads to darker skin and hyperpigmentation. Allergies and dehydration may also lead to dark circles. When you don’t consume enough water or don’t moisturize your skin properly, the area under the eye tends to become dull and dark. 

Now, if you are done trying all the home remedies and sleeping habits and yet, haven’t got rid of the dark circles, here is something that will show unexpected results.

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One-stop solution: The Eye Concentrate by La Mer

The Eye Concentrate is an under eye cream for the reduction of dark patches under the eyes. It promises to show a noticeable reduction in darkness and fine lines in 21 days. With Miracle Broth, Lime Tea concentrate, and the clarity ferment as key ingredients, the cream seeps into the skin quickly and provides necessary hydration and healing energy. Lime tea tree is known to be the best source of antioxidants, which is, further, known to be the best healing and lightening component for skin. The clarity ferment is made up of the pure water coming straight from South Korea’s Jeju island. It makes the healing process soothing and relaxing and leaves you with healthy skin.

Where do I find it?

It can be bought from the La Mer official website at a starting price of 235$ for 0.5 oz product. The company is providing complimentary shipping and samples with orders which makes it a steal deal. Also, it comes with a small spoon-type applicator which makes it easier to apply the cream. 


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