Home Entertainment Fortnite star Tfue settles lawsuit against FaZe clan

Fortnite star Tfue settles lawsuit against FaZe clan

Fortnite star Tfue settles lawsuit against Faze clan

A lawsuit that was going on for about a year in the eSports world. Fornite Star Tfue and Faze clan which has now been settled. If you don’t know what the entire thing is about, then here is a brief of what happened between the two. 

How it all started? 

Turner Tenney Livestream

In May 2019, Fortnite player with around 12M subscribers on YouTube, Turner Tenney, popularly known as Tfue filed a case in California State Court against FaZe clan, an eSports organization. He claimed that FaZe forced him and other gamers into ” grossly oppressive, onerous, and one-sided” contracts. According to Tfue, the contract made FaZe earn millions, while he got only 60,000$.  He also filed a complaint in the California Labor Commissioner stating the contract violated the California Talent Agencies Act.

As a response, FaZe filed a complaint against Turner with the allegations that he leaked the company’s confidential data and even encouraged other gamers to quit.

How did things settle down?

As per today’s court filing, both them voluntarily dismissed the case. The details are yet to be disclosed, however, according to the given by Tenney’s lawyer to one of the Hollywood reporters, they have settled their disputes. He also stated that both parties wished each other the best of luck in future endeavours. The most high-profile dispute of sports World that lasted for 15 long months has finally come to end. The details of the settlement are awaited, but it is assumed that FaZe and Tfue may not work together again.

The next trail was scheduled on October 5, which will no more be held considering the settlement.

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