Will There Be a Season 4 of The Borgias? Details on Possible Renewal, Release Date, Cast and Plot

When beloved shows come to an end, it can feel like saying goodbye to a dear friend. Such was the case for fans of the historical drama series The Borgias when it concluded after just three seasons. This intriguing show charted the notorious Borgia family’s merciless and manipulative rise to power in 15th century Italy.

While many viewers were left yearning for more time with the cunning Pope Alexander VI and his equally Machiavellian children, the show’s conclusion was likely influenced by pragmatic factors beyond sheer storytelling.

Sometimes the passion fans feel for a show simply isn’t matched by the cold, hard numbers needed to justify high production budgets. Despite strong viewership and critical praise, it seems “The Borgias” unfortunately failed to attract the wider audience needed to warrant further investment from Showtime.

As upsetting as it is when complex, morally ambiguous characters — ones we’ve come to care for despite their flaws — are snatched away without a chance to fully realize their dramatic potential, we must remember the human dimension behind these decisions.

The Borgias Season 4 Release Date

The Borgias Season 4 Release Date

Individuals poured their creativity, skills, and long hours into this production over three wonderful seasons. From the dedicated crew members who meticulously recreated Renaissance Italy in Hungary studios, to the talented cast and writers who brought the Borgias to vivid life, real people gave their all to this show. While we fans mourn the aborted trajectories of legends like Jeremy Irons cunning Rodrigo and François Arnaud’s tempestuous Cesare, there are no doubt many heavy hearts behind the scenes as well.

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Let us appreciate the gift of those three salacious, political seasons Showtime did finance for our enjoyment. The conclusion, while abrupt, honored the vision Neil Jordan ambitiously realized. We witnessed the height of Borgia power, if not the fall. The gorgeous production design, propulsive storytelling and Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy-winning performance of Jeremy Irons should be celebrated.

As well as the critical acclaim the show maintained even as audiences dwindled. In a crowded landscape of anti-hero television series wishing to inherit the legacy of pioneers like “The Sopranos,” we must tip our jeweled papal hats to the enduring resonance of “The Borgias” in popular culture.

NameThe Borgias
Original Run2011 – 2013
No. of Seasons3
No. of Episodes29
CreatorsNeil Jordan
Main CastJeremy Irons, François Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Joanne Whalley
Era DepictedRenaissance Papacy of Rodrigo Borgia/Pope Alexander VI
Filming LocationsHungary, Slovakia
Awards & Nominations10 Primetime Emmy Nominations, 1 Golden Globe Win (Jeremy Irons)
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The Borgias Season 4 Cast and Characters

While we may pine for a return to Rome under a newly elected Pope Alexander VII, the human collaborators who made the show possible have moved on to other projects where their talents likewise bring history to life. We can only hope outlet executives greenlight more ambitious, cinema-quality period dramas to follow in “The Borgias'” Emmy-winning footsteps.

Until then, we must content ourselves with rewatching the delicious dynastic drama unfolding between the charismatic Jeremy Irons and his brilliant costars. Savor again the sumptuous costumes and sets, the luscious cinematography, and the haunting opening credits underscored by Orbital’s pulsing theme song.

The borgias season 4 netflix

Shed a tear for what could have been, then lift a glass to what was. The Borgias’ ambitions may know no bounds, but television shows are made by mortal souls with but finite hours in the day. We should celebrate the glorious Renaissance world they brought us for the all-too-brief time they could.

The Borgias Season 4 Storyline Details

Television shows come and go, but some leave an imprint on us and lingers far longer than their brief time on air. One such show was The Borgias, a historical drama that transported viewers back to the intrigue-filled courts of 15th century Italy. Over the course of three seasons, fans became absorbed in the Machiavellian schemes and scandals of the notorious Borgia family.

We watched the meteoric rise of patriarch and Pope Alexander VI, a corrupt clergyman who used his station to amass wealth and power for his children. We saw the complex bond between his calculating firstborn Cesare and passionate daughter Lucrezia, whose journeys challenged social mores. And we bore witness to shifting loyalties between kings and cardinals, enemies and allies – where each episode brought new betrayals and battles for influence.

But The Borgias was building towards an endgame – a grand conclusion envisioned by creator Neil Jordan to cap off the Borgia legend. One final twist in their volatile fates. Tragically, it was a vision that never saw the light of day.

The Borgias Season 4 Plot Details

When Showtime suddenly cancelled the epic series after the third season, it left devoted fans reeling in disbelief. For many, it felt like finishing a great book only to have the last crucial chapters torn out. What happened to Cesare after his brother-in-law brought his ruin? Would Alexander’s secrets die alongside him? And what was the destiny for the daughter he doted on? The abrupt axe on The Borgias left storylines dangling and arcs unresolved.

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In the aftermath, Neil Jordan faced heavy criticism from heartbroken fans denied a proper finale. Recognizing this, he took an unprecedented step – releasing the script he had penned for the conclusive fourth season as an e-book. The Borgia Apocalypse picked up the dangling plot threads and wove them towards Jordan’s original ending. For those invested in the Borgia saga, it finally offered long-awaited closure and brought to life the fourth season that might have been.

Inside its pages, we discovered the fates envisioned for the family whose scandals and intrigues left a permanent mark on Renaissance era Rome. We learned how allies and enemies – including cardinals, courtesans, kings, and conquestadors – were meant to meet their ends. And fans finally discovered Jordan’s poetic justice for theBorja dynasty’s dizzying rise and fall from the heights of papal power. The scripts filled in missing pieces, even as they underlined epic stories and character arcs cut short too soon.

Is there season 4 of The Borgias?

While the e-book resolved some frustration over abandoned storylines, many lamented the medium couldn’t capture the richness possible onscreen. Since cancellation, The Borgiashas lived on through rewatching and debate over its merits. Despite flaws, fans praised the series’ dedication in bringing the 15th century world alive – its dynamic cinematography and costume design that made Rome under Alexander VI breathe.

Jeremy Irons earned acclaim, including a Golden Globe nomination, for embodying the shrewd and ruthless Pope hellbent on advancing his lineage. And the complex but compelling web of relationships kept viewers hooked through ever-shifting loyalties in court and battlefield.

Today The Borgias’s legacy lies not in what it failed to accomplish, but in the indelible portrait it painted of a world where ambition and zeal hold deadly court. Though cancelled prematurely, it nonetheless reigns as a historical drama that, for a handful of years, brought the long-dead Borgias startlingly and unforgettably back to life. A poignant epitaph for a series gone too soon but not forgotten.

Why was The Borgias cancelled?

The possibility of a revival for “The Borgias” offers hope to fans who felt the show’s abrupt cancellation after three seasons left them longing for more. As a complex Renaissance drama about faith, family, and power, “The Borgias” resonated deeply with audiences during its 2011-2013 run on Showtime.

At the show’s center was the saga of the Borgia family itself – specifically Rodrigo Borgia, who became Pope Alexander VI, and his children Cesare, Juan, and Lucrezia. Brilliantly brought to life by Jeremy Irons and his co-stars, these controversial historical figures were portrayed as ambitious but also loving and loyal in their own way. Viewers came to empathize with them as complex three-dimensional characters facing universal themes.

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The show thus offered a more humane perspective on a family often reduced to crude stereotypes about corruption and deceit. Fans remain fascinated by the world it brought to life – the beauty, creativity, and intrigue of the Renaissance papacy and courts. The stunning production design and costuming transported audiences to 15th century Italy in vivid style.

Did The Borgias have an ending?

Balancing drama with historical accuracy, “The Borgias” felt surprisingly relevant even centuries later. It captured timeless power struggles and moral questions as the Borgias sought power and influence in an unstable age. Cesare’s struggles with his faith resonated with modern audiences alongside the Medicis-esque family dynamics.

These compelling elements help explain the passionate fan response to cancellation after just three seasons. With many story threads left intriguingly unresolved, devotees felt the show had been cut down prematurely before reaching its full potential. The same qualities that made it so absorbing – the complexity of characters like Cesare, the political volatility in Italy, the blending of sacred and secular themes – fueled hopes for a satisfying conclusion.

Rumors have swirled about a possible feature film revival to tie up loose ends. Creator Neil Jordan has discussed his openness, noting after cancellation that Cesare’s death scene remained unfilmed. While intriguing ideas, so far these have only been possibilities, not confirmed productions.

Still for many lovers of the show, the possibility has remained tantalizing. A crowdfunded fan script project developed one finale vision in book form in 2013. Though appreciated by devotees, this grassroots effort has not led to an actual revived show or film.


Nearly a decade later, seeing the Borgia saga reach a fitting dramatic conclusion on screen remains the holy grail for the show’s persistent, passionate followers around the world. More than a history lesson, “The Borgias” made audiences care deeply about the human beings at its heart.

A chance to explore what becomes of Cesare, Lucrezia and the rest could resonate widely even today. For a show centering on faith and redemption, revival possibilities keep the hope alive.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why was “The Borgias” cancelled after three seasons?

A: “The Borgias” was cancelled due to a combination of factors, including ratings not justifying the high production costs and creative decisions.

Q: Is there a possibility of “The Borgias” returning for a fourth season?

A: As of now, there is no official confirmation of “The Borgias” returning for a fourth season or any continuation projects.

Q: Can I find out how “The Borgias” was supposed to end?

A: Yes, Neil Jordan released “The Borgia Apocalypse: The Screenplay,” which details his vision for the conclusion of the series.

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