Morbid Minds Want to Know: Will There Be a Second Season of Victorian-Era Drama Dead Still?

Dead Still premiered its first season on Acorn TV in May 2020 to positive reviews. The period horror-comedy follows memorial photographers in 1880s Ireland who discover their recently deceased subjects are mysteriously coming back to life for a photo. While Acorn TV has not yet officially announced a second season, the door is wide open for the show to continue.

The cast of Dead Still, led by Michael Smiley as photographer Brock Blennerhasset, turned in entertaining performances during the first six episodes. The characters also engaged in story arcs that clearly have much more to tell. For a second season to happen, most or all of the main cast would likely return, including Smiley as well as Kerr Logan as Conall Molloy, Eileen O’Higgins as Nancy Vickers, and others. New characters could also very plausibly be introduced to continue propelling the story forward.

Dead Still Season 2 Release Date

Dead Still Season 2 Release Date

The plot of a potential second season is a blank slate, ready to take the Dead Still concept in exciting new directions. With so many strange supernatural occurrences centered around Blennerhasset’s memorial photography studio in Season 1, the door is wide open to expand that world. More undead subjects could turn up in need of portraits.

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New mysteries surrounding the phenomena could unravel with even larger implications. And as the main characters themselves are deeply haunted by both literal and figurative ghosts, there are limitless directions their personal stories could head towards. Much like the “subjects” of Dead Still refuse to stay still in their coffins, a second season could bust out in strange new ways.

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NameDead Still
GenrePeriod drama, Mystery
Created byJohn Morton
Directed bySam Donovan
StarringMichael Smiley, Kerr Logan
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes6
Original releaseApril 19 – May 24, 2020
NetworkAcorn TV

Dead Still Season 2 Cast and Characters

With the richness of Story details established in the first six episodes, Season 2 is primed to dive deeper into the lives and relationships formed in and around Blennerhasset’s studio. One particular storyline likely to resurface is Brock’s possible romance with the grieving Nancy Vickers. Their chemistry presents an obvious opportunity for more screentime together investigating spooky occurrences.

is dead still renewed for season 2

The show could also further explore Brock’s rivalry with the jealous Molloy, who harbors bitterness against his boss’s photographic talent and fame. As several main characters have deep connections to the photography subjects themselves, these emotional bonds wider stories to access as well. For instance, we could learn more about the health struggles faced by Brock’s ailing daughter.

Dead Still Season 2 Plot Details

Expanding beyond the central cast, Dead Still has an opportunity to turn its lens towards 1880s Irish history and society, including local preoccupations with death. Just as the show plays on 19th century trends like post-mortem photography, there are doubtlessly many more real-life quirks and cultural touchstones waiting to be explored in Dublin of the strange in-between period after famine but before independence. With Acorn TV catering to a Anglophile viewership fond of historical drama coated with dry comedy, Dead Still certainly has undead life left worth living.

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We Are All Dead: This Korean thriller has not yet been renewed for a second season by Netflix. There is enthusiastic demand among genre fans for at least one more outing with the students battling zombies inside their high school. But as of now, no official Season 2 announcement has been made, leaving eager viewers hungry for resolution on a major cliffhanger ending.

Will there be a we are all dead Season 2?

Not Dead Yet: This new ABC comedy starring Gina Rodriguez concluded its first season on broadcast television in February 2023. The show scored decent ratings despite airing on Thursday nights with stiff competition. While Not Dead Yet suits the ABC brand of accessible free-to-air sitcoms, it has yet to be renewed as the network evaluates its full roster of programming options for next season. Reviews called the show a “breath of fresh air” so the door could be open for more should ABC wish to continue utilizing Rodriguez’s upbeat charisma.

As for whether there will be new seasons of any particular unspecified shows, it is impossible to say without more context. Many factors determine whether a TV series gets renewed, including viewership, reviews, production costs, talent contracts, network scheduling, and more.

Providing the title of a specific show makes it far easier to explore publicly available information about the possibilities of an additional season. Some shows intentionally conclude the story within a season or miniseries format, while others thrive for years. In short, for fans seeking the return of a beloved program: hope for the best but wait patiently for confirmation!

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“Dead Still” Season 2 on Netflix and Acorn TV:

While the show’s open-ended conclusion suggests further tales left untold, Acorn TV has ceased continued production for now. Reasons behind this decision likely include business considerations around viewership and budgets. Yet fans still feel a sadness from losing the community and escape of clever shows like “Dead Still.” In ways both silly and profound, these stories become part of people’s lives.

Of course, the entertainment industry constantly moves on to new projects, as creativity never ceases. Promising series like the charming “Not Dead Yet” earn further seasons through audience support. Such shows build on the legacy of offbeat genre-benders about the supernatural intruding into the mundane world. That legacy stretches back to classics like “The Twilight Zone” or unexpected gems like the vampire mockumentary “What We Do in the Shadows.”

Will there be a season 2 of Not Dead Yet?

Still, each show canceled before its time elicits a pang of loss not just for the story, but the connections and conversations with others that art fosters. In an isolated age, these bonds matter more than ever. Perhaps the outpouring of demands for closure through phrases like “Will there be a Season 2?” ultimately reflects a wish to recapture fleeting yet meaningful relationships through shared experience.

Granted, business execs cannot cater to all such longing when balancing budgets under increasing competition. But the passion driving questions like “How many seasons?” suggests that cold metrics fail to capture the full impacts of creativity. While sequel seasons remain possible based on profits, they do not always satisfy like organically conceived closure.

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