‘Vagabond’ Fans Still Clamoring for a Second Season After Emotional First Season Finale

The first season of “Vagabond” ended on an enthralling cliffhanger that left viewers yearning for more. We followed Cha Dal-geon’s transformational journey from carefree stuntman to crusader unraveling a complex web of corruption. His quest for justice and retribution for his niece’s death led him down a dangerous path that converged with the ambitions of covert ops agent Go Hae-ri.

Together, they unearthed a sinister connection between the crash and a secret scheme to smuggle weapons by powerful political and business figures. As Cha and Go closed in on the nefarious Nexus and its key powerbroker, Season 1 culminated in an intense standoff brimming with unanswered questions.

Vagabond Season 2 Release Date

Vagabond Season 2 Release Date

Understandably, fans have been vociferous in their demand for a second season to tie up loose ends. Online petitions have accumulated over 280,000 signatures, signalling strong viewer interest to justify extending the story. The stunning production values and high-octane action choreographed by Jason Ninh Cao had already cemented the series as a standout. Add to that poignant emotional moments and stylish leads Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy, and it becomes clearer why so many consider the show unfinished business.

The cast and crew have also expressed enthusiasm for reuniting on set and diving deeper into the complex backstories. But behind-the-scenes negotiations with the South Korean network SBS and international streaming giant Netflix will ultimately determine if, and when, the story continues. Industry analysts posit that Netflix’s growing investment in Korean content could incentivize greenlighting a follow-up given the first season’s success.

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Directed ByYoo In-sik
Written ByJang Young-chul, Jung Kyung-soon
StarringLee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy
No. of episodes16
Original NetworkSBS
Original Release2019
GenresAction, drama, mystery
PremiseStuntman gets embroiled in national corruption scandal while investigating nephew’s mysterious plane crash death

Vagabond Season 2 Cast and Characters

Yet, fans may have to hold on just a bit longer. With COVID-induced production delays and key players’ packed schedules, a tentative return date in late 2023 or early 2024 seems plausible if talks are progressing smoothly.

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One thing remains clear – the story of Cha Dal-geon’s quest for truth and justice continues to echo meaningfully among fans waiting eagerly for the next chapter. Whenever Vagabond returns with its signature spectacle, the formula that made it such a phenomenon still rings true.

when is vagabond season 2 coming out

The dramatic season finale was not just a plot device, but a metaphor for the characters’ incomplete personal journeys. For Cha Dal-geon, embracing his traumatic past and its role in motivating his crusade for justice is instrumental in bringing emotional closure. For Go Hae-ri, entangling her covert mission with a sense of moral purpose holds the key to reconciling her ideals with reality. Their intertwined destinies and motivations warrant deeper exploration.

The Heartbeat of Action Thriller Fandom

Fans rallying behind #BringBackVagabond is not an isolated event, but indicative of thriving online fandoms galvanized by genres like action thrillers. The global connectedness enabled by social media allows niche interests to vocalize shared experiences and expectations of entertainment as cultural conversation.

Balancing Artistic Vision with Commercial Considerations

Greenlighting a highly-anticipated sequel requires balancing creative imperatives and commercial motivations. There needs to be a compelling vision for advancing the storyline and aesthetic of the original that goes beyond recreating the same notes. At the same time, studios evaluate indicators of continued marketability with factors like star power returns and projected viewership.

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The Ripple Effects of COVID-Induced Uncertainty

While many pin hopes on 2023 for a production return, the long-term impacts of the pandemic on media pipelines still linger. Scheduling still presents complex coordination puzzles for globally distributed production teams and in-demand multi-project stars. We must extend grace around delays stemming from forces beyond the creators’ control.

At its core, the love for Vagabond stems not from spectacle alone but how it resonates deeply through flawed, relatable characters. This poignant essence energizes its fandom. More than escapist thrill, it represents the triumph of the human spirit rising above injustice. These stirring aspects will undoubtedly endure well beyond release timelines, cementing its cultural legacy for years to come.

Will there be 2nd season of vagabond?

Naturally, fans have been clamoring to learn – will there be a second season at all? While Netflix and production company Celltrion Entertainment have yet to officially confirm Season 2, cautious optimism prevails. Multiple cast members including leads Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy have signaled enthusiasm to reprise their roles. Bae Suzy told media she’d be “glad to film Season 2 anytime” while filming her 2021 drama “Anna”. Though Lee Seung-gi has tightly-packed shooting schedules, he conveyed positive vibes about returning during a fan meet.

Vagabond’s production delays also intensify. Initially targeting late 2022 releases, shifting timelines suggest more complex behind-the-scenes discussions with Netflix as a key player. Unlike wholly South Korean bankrolled series, Netflix holds vital influence in greenlighting global platform expansions.

Is Vincenzo season 2 confirmed?

The runaway success of unconventional lawyer drama Vincenzo, which aired in early 2021, adds another variable. As that series ends open-ended and stars Song Joong-ki signal interest in playing the titular Italian mafia consigliore again, fans wonder – which show has the edge in getting confirmed first?

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Vincenzo does seem ahead in initial development, though industry reports suggest script drafting is still underway. Between cast scheduling challenges and production logistics to nail down the location shoots spanning Korea, Italy, and more, concrete timelines are fluid.

As for Vagabond’s current status, certain comments hint progress. Supporting actor Oh Dae-hwan revealed “there will be a second season” during a November 2021 video call while promoting another drama. Other co-stars have since repeated this assertion of a sequel coming down the pipeline.


Why is vagabond delayed?

While waiting is never easy, a later release window seems increasingly possible, maybe 2024 onwards. For writer-director Yoo In-sik known for his methodical and layered storytelling style in works like Giant and Queen Seondeok, crafting the next phase of the complex geopolitical thriller likely requires some gestation.

When the wheels do start rolling into production, the buzz hints plenty of scene-stealing actors like Oh Dae-hwan and Moon Sung-keun will rejoin headliners Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. Their camaraderie and rapport energized Season 1 and mesh well with writer Yoo’s emphasis on developing dimensional, authentic characters within the conspiratorial plot.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is “Vagabond Season 2” officially confirmed?
A: As of now, there is no official confirmation, but strong indications suggest discussions are ongoing.

Q: Will the original cast return for the new season?
A: While not confirmed, key cast members have expressed interest in returning.

Q: What impact has “Vagabond” had on the global K-drama scene?
A: “Vagabond” has significantly contributed to the global popularity of K-dramas, showcasing the genre’s ability to blend action, drama, and intricate storytelling.


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