‘As We See It’ Autism Portrayal Earns Season 2 Campaign from Critics and Fans

The journey of “As We See It” has been one filled with heart and hope. When the show first debuted, it brought the promise of authentic representation and storytelling about the lives of autistic individuals to the forefront of television. Viewers were drawn into the world of roommates Jack, Harrison, and Violet. In their stories, many found compassion, insight, and that feeling of simply being seen.

For the show’s creators, cast, and fans, “As We See It” has been a labor of love from the very start. The care taken in crafting genuine characters and narratives came across beautifully on-screen. Over the course of the first season, the series cultivated a passionate following within the autistic community and beyond. Many found it groundbreaking in the way it humanized the ups and downs of existing on the spectrum. Discussions were sparked, myths dispelled, and emotional connections forged through this thoughtful program.

As We See It Season 2 Release Date

As We See It Season 2 Release Date

So when news recently came confirming the show’s cancellation after just one season, it landed as a disappointment for many who had championed its mission. Of course, the entertainment landscape is ever-changing and the reasoning complex behind such network decisions. But that makes it no less difficult for those who have seen firsthand the good work a show like this can do. For the cast and crew who poured their talents into this project so fully, there is now a sober sense of abrupt finality.

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And yet, while the future of “As We See It” itself remains uncertain, the impact of what it has already accomplished resonates widely. Because its driving ethos was one of openness, empathy and the shared experience of simply being human, the show spoke to many. The stories brought to life in season one carry on–reminding people about the power of really seeing one another amid our differences.

There is consolation in knowing such compassion is never canceled, even when the cameras stop rolling. Wherever the creators and talent behind this special series travel to next, this enlightening energy and commitment to inclusive storytelling surely go with them.

NameAs We See It
Series NameAs We See It
GenreComedy, Drama
Created ByJason Katims
StarringRick Glassman, Albert Rutecki, Sue Ann Pien
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episodes8
Original NetworkAmazon Prime Video
Original ReleaseJanuary 21, 2022 – Present
Filming LocationLos Angeles, California, United States

As We See It Season 2 Cast and Characters

In an industry where content must constantly find its footing, the road is often filled with uncertain twists and turns. For “As We See It,” the high of bringing overlooked stories into the zeitgeist came hand-in-hand with the sobering realities many passion projects face. But its short run time does not negate the meaning it sparked both on-screen and off for those seeking authentic depictions of lives so often overlooked.

is as we see it renewed for season 2

The connections forged between characters, creators, and viewers remain—echoes of that groundbreaking first season rippling outward. And while logistical machinations may have cut this story short, its impact still grows. Because series like this—with their unprecedented representations and depth of insight—push the boundaries for what is possible. What powerful dreams may come when such dreams are given room to be seen and heard at last?

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As We See It Season 2 Storyline Details

For innovators in any arena, the way forward is rarely straightforward. But the core of honest storytelling continues enduring, waiting to take new shape. Perhaps the openness first unleashed through this show might plant seeds for even more diverse blooms in the future. Wherever the creators’ paths now lead, they carry poignant lessons about uplifting humanity along the way.

And for viewers left wanting more, a bittersweet space opens too—one grappling with the universal hope to see shards of our untold stories reflected back at last. Though this singular mirror may be gone, that primal longing for connection, for being wholly seen and known beyond each label remains. It is this very pull which will spur passionate creators onward to unveil the next glimpse behind complex veils…and the next.

For now, the light of this show still shines as a reminder—of why visibility matters and of just how much power rests in simply viewing one another’s truths with gentle eyes. There is still so much left unseen, so many hands yet to hold up such mirrors. May the reverberations of this story’s short flight be but the start of ripples without end.

Will there be a season two of As We See It?

When “As We See It” first debuted on Amazon Prime Video in early 2022, it brought a rush of promise. Based on an Israeli series, this American adaptation shone a spotlight on the lives of autistic adults in a way unprecedented for television. Following three twenty-something roommates on the spectrum, it offered insight into their world—the challenges and triumphs interwoven with the universal joys and heartbreaks of simply existing.


Led by award-winning producer Jason Katims, himself a parent of an autistic child, the series was regarded as a milestone for representation. Praised for casting autistic actors in its lead roles and refusing tired tropes, “As We See It” resonated deeply with critics and viewers alike for its authenticity. That poignant storytelling and ability to reveal our shared humanity made the series a quick favorite for many.

Is Season 2 of see coming out?

So in the afterglow of its first eight-episode run, the question immediately became: would there be a season two? Fans were eager to continue the journey with characters they’d come to cherish. For a show that had done so much to push visibility forward while capturing the true complexity of life on the spectrum, it felt like this groundbreaking story was only just beginning. There was hunger to see where Jack, Harrison and Violet might go next on their individual paths. Not to mention that a second season renewal these days can solidify a new series’ standing.

Unfortunately, announcements confirming cancellations often come quietly, dwarfed by the fanfare of splashier renewals. So it was with the news in mid-2023 that “As We See It” would not return after all. Despite strong reviews and that coveted 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, its future had been weighed and found wanting according to the unpredictable metrics networks use. Just like that, the promise of continuing its pioneering work portraying autism fell away.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Will there be a Season 2 of “As We See It”?

A: Unfortunately, “As We See It” has been canceled after its first season and will not return for a second season.

Q: What made “As We See It” unique?

A: The show featured actors on the autism spectrum, providing an authentic portrayal of their experiences, which is rare in mainstream media.

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