A Private Affair Season 2 – Will Movistar+’s Hit Spanish Crime Drama Return for More Scandalous Mysteries?

When A Private Affair first debuted on screens across Spain in September 2022, it brought a breath of fresh air to the comedy-drama genre. Set in the 1940s, the show centers around the clever and charismatic Marina Quiroga, a high society woman who harbors a passion for solving crimes. With wit and charm, Marina takes on the male-dominated world of detective work, aided by her loyal butler Hector.

Through Marina’s eyes, we are drawn into post-war Spanish society, with all its glamour and intrigue. The producers beautifully recreate 1940s fashion and décor, transporting viewers back in time. Yet the show also touches on weightier themes – the plight of war refugees, the role of women, class divides. Marina relates to people from all walks of life with empathy and compassion.

A Private Affair Season 2 Release Date

A Private Affair Season 2 Release Date

The cornerstone of the show is the endearing relationship between Marina and Hector. Brought to life by Aura Garrido and Jean Reno’s heartfelt performances, their on-screen chemistry evokes a genuine warmth. One senses a tender friendship beneath their banter, a bond forged by mutual understanding. When Marina embroils them in yet another audacious investigation, we root for this duo to overcome the odds with courage and tenacity.

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And overcome they do, whether facing chauvinistic derision, political corruption, or a sinister serial killer terrorizing their town. The thrilling crime drama element, balanced with humorous interludes, keeps viewers hooked across the 8 episodes. Yet the show transcends the murder mystery genre through poignant storytelling. We are invested in the fate of the characters – especially the marginalized, like the refugee children Marina protects. Behind the glamorous façade lies a thoughtful exploration of social issues still relevant today.

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NameA Private Affair
TitleA Private Affair
GenresCrime, Thriller
Directed byManolo Caro, Miguel Gazcón
No. of episodes10
StarringAura Garrido, Jean Reno
CinematographyPedro J. Márquez
Original releaseNovember 17, 2022
No. of seasons1

A Private Affair Season 2 Cast and Characters

As Season 1 drew to a close, fans were left with a cliffhanger begging for a sequel. The open-ended finale paves the way for the further adventures of Marina and co. There is still so much left to explore about these characters and the world they inhabit. The stage is set for a triumphant second season.

With its novel premise, atmospheric setting, gripping plot and lovable characters, “A Private Affair” has found a special spot in Spanish television history. By turns amusing, thrilling and poignant, the show displays storytelling at its finest. As we eagerly await news of another season, the magic of this special program lingers.

a private affair season 2 release date on amazon prime

At its heart, “A Private Affair” is a story of human connection. Through Marina and Hector’s relationship, we see the understanding, care, and support that develops between two people from very different walks of life. Their humor-filled banter reveals a depth of friendship not bounded by societal roles and norms.

A Private Affair Season 2 Story Details

The show also explores human resiliency in the face of hardship. By setting the story in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, it touches on the suffering and displacement people endured. Yet characters like Marina and the refugee children demonstrate the incredible strength of the human spirit. With compassion and courage, they forge ahead to build promising futures.

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By having Marina challenge gender stereotypes in her work, the show highlights the universal human desires to pursue our passions and carve our own paths. Marina refuses to have her ambitions limited by societal expectations of women. Her determination is admirable and aspirational.

The subtle class dynamics between Marina and Hector also reveal our shared humanity beneath outward social status. Their genuine affection for one another triumphs over societal judgements regarding a mistress-servant relationship. This sends a profound message – at our core, we are all equals seeking connection.

A Private Affair Season 2 Plot

Most importantly, the show’s warmth and humor celebrate the joy of human interaction. We delight in Marina and Hector’s witty banter and watch their relationship strengthen. Despite the series’ suspenseful mystery plotlines, these lighthearted elements speak to our basic need for camaraderie and laughter.

Ultimately, while on the surface a glossy detective drama, “A Private Affair” has undertones that resonate deeply as part of the human experience. It entertains even as it affirms the beauty of our shared hopes, struggles, and triumphs.

At its core, “A Private Affair” champions the human spirit – our capacity for courage, resilience and social progress. By portraying a headstrong female detective in 1940s Spain, the show highlights the quiet heroines of history who challenged stereotypes and forged new paths.

Will there be a second season of private affairs?

Marina Quiroga is more than just a tenacious sleuth hot on the trails of criminals. She represents the struggles of generations of women fighting to have their talents and leadership recognized beyond traditional gender roles. Her clashes with chauvinistic derision reflect the experiences of pioneering women entering male-dominated fields even today. Marina gives a voice and face to this marginalized collective experience.

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The show also pays tribute to the human resolve that drives social change. Though subtle, Marina’s growing independence hints at the slow erosion of outdated social codes and barriers. Her partnership with Hector, grounded in mutual respect across class lines, also challenges servitude hierarchies. These nuances mirror how shifting societal attitudes shape our evolution.


As we anticipate Season 2, fans hope the show continues celebrating the human endeavor to push progress forward. Marina and company have the chance to model even greater resilience and gumption as history marches on. Their small collective triumphs could spotlight the courage of minorities playing catalytic roles as unsung heroes.

More broadly, the series has the opportunity to underscore our shared hopes and struggles that unite humankind across backgrounds. While on the surface a gripping detective drama, “A Private Affair” reflects how ordinary people can effect extraordinary change. As the characters grow, so too may the show’s ability to honor the humanity at the heart of struggles for equality everywhere.

Frequently Asked Question

 Q: Is “A Private Affair” based on a true story?

A: No, “A Private Affair” is a fictional series.

Q: What languages is the series available in?

A: The original language is Spanish, but it’s available with English subtitles and various dubs.

Q: Where can I watch “A Private Affair”?

A: The series is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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