Shomin Sample Season 2 2024 Release Date, Trailer, Updates on Another Season of the Popular Anime Series

As you mentioned, the light novel series that the anime is based on has concluded with 12 volumes, so there may not be a need for further anime adaptations just for promotional purposes. Additionally, over 7 years have passed since the anime’s first and only season aired in 2015, making a second season less likely as more time goes on.

However, there are certainly examples in the anime industry of popular shows receiving sequel seasons years later due to fan demand and other factors. So while unlikely, it’s not impossible for “Shomin Sample” to return for another season at some point if there is enough interest.

Without insider knowledge of the studio’s plans or licensing considerations, I can only await on the possibility of a second season. Providing detailed commentary on this specific anime series and predicting potential future developments would require more specialized expertise that I currently lack.

Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date

Shomin Sample Season 2 Release Date

I’d be happy to assist further if you have any other requests or questions about this topic that I may be better equipped to address. Please let me know if a different perspective or analysis would be helpful!

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When “Shomin Sample” first premiered in 2015, this inventive harem anime pleasantly surprised viewers with its fresh take on the popular ecchi genre. Set in a prestigious all-girls academy sheltering the daughters of Japan’s elite, the show took an intriguing premise and spun a humorous and heartfelt narrative around the relationships between the girls and the first boy they had ever met.

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While the anime adaptation concluded on a cliffhanger that left fans longing for more, the odds of “Shomin Sample Season 2” actually materializing feel slim eight years later. However, what another season could explore if the show ever made an unexpected comeback remains an enjoyable endeavor for its loyal fans.

NameShomin Sample
Type of workLight novel series, manga, anime
AuthorTakafumi Nanatsuki
GenresComedy, romance, harem
PublishersHobby Japan (novel), Kill Time Communication (manga)
Original runNovels: 2011 – present, Manga: 2012 – present, Anime: 2015
Volumes16 light novels as of April 2022
Main charactersKimito Kagurazaka, Aika Tenkubashi, Reiko Arisugawa, Hakua Shiodome, Karen Jinryō

Shomin Sample Season 2 Cast and Characters

At the season one finale, viewers are left worrying about the fate of Kimito Kagurazaka, the titular “Commoner Sample” kidnapped to provide a crash course on ordinary life to the extremely privileged and sheltered girls at Seikain Academy. His impending memory wipe of the past six months would reset all the tender bonds forged between Kimito and the girls devoted to him. Could the girls from vastly different backgrounds – suppressed genius Aika, traumatized swordswoman Hakua, gentle giant Karen, timid mystic Reiko – rescue Kimito in time?

Another season could depict these formerly friendless girls banding together to infiltrate the ominous Blackwell Corporation and save Kimito from forced amnesia. Their planning scenes would generate hilarious culture clash humor highlighting their naiveté about the outside world. Against all odds, the girls could succeed in rescuing Kimito based more on camaraderie than skill.

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will there be a season 2 of shomin sample

Shomin Sample Season 2 Plot

Back at Seikain Academy, the concept of “coexistence between commoners and the elite” would face public controversy rather than fade away. Kimito’s accidental extended stay exposed what an artificial bubble the school maintained. Season two could tackle earnest social commentary about class divides in Japanese society through Seikain Academy’s upheaval.

While struggling to reintegrate into normal school life and make genuine mixed-class friendships, the girls must also address their feelings for Kimito that mushroomed over six intimate months together.

Leading this charge would surely be the cunning Student Council President Aika, determined to snare Kimito as her husband despite lacking any clue about romance thanks to isolation. Her clumsy attempts could spark some premium awkward ecchi humor with an emotional payoff.

Is shomin sample a harem anime?

Meanwhile, Kimito remains committed to his childhood friend and now famous Jpop idol, Sakuno Kotori, though her celebrity lifestyle leaves little time for their relationship. Her increased presence in season two could organically introduce fanservice-heavy situations while testing bonds already strained by distance. This potential love triangle promises significant character development fueled by hardship.

Though highly improbable after nearly a decade, a hypothetical second season of “Shomin Sample” could dive deeper into themes merely playfully explored so far – societal divisions, manufactured isolation of youth, intimacy amidst inexperience. The characters commandeered audiences’ hearts despite the sitcom level premise; thus the story possesses immense capacity for emotional richness if ever continued.


While fans passionately discuss what-could-have-been plotlines on Reddit threads, without source material to promote anymore, an anime sequel seems unlikely as anything beyond a pipe dream. Still, seasoned viewers know well by now that surprising resurrections of shows thought long dead do sprinkle magic every so often across the anime industry. Diehard fans of this uncommon gem called “Shomin Sample” will surely never abandon hope.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is “Shomin Sample” about?
A: It’s an anime set in an elite all-girls school, where a commoner, Kimito, is brought in to expose the students to the outside world.

Q: Why is there uncertainty about Season 2?
A: Despite sufficient source material, there’s been no official announcement or indication from the creators about a second season.

Q: What makes “Shomin Sample” unique?
A: Its blend of harem, comedy, and ecchi genres, along with a unique setting and natural comedic elements, sets it apart from similar titles.

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