Power Book IV: Force Season 3 – Will There Be Another Chapter for Tommy Egan’s Story?

Starz’s hit drama series Power Book IV: Force debuted earlier this year as a spinoff to the wildly popular original Power universe. Centered around fan-favorite character Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora), the show chronicles his new life in Chicago running a drug operation. With intense drama, complex characters, and several cliffhangers, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter. So what can we expect from Power Book IV: Force season 3?

Power Book IV: Force,” the thrilling crime drama series, returns with its much-anticipated Season 3. As a fervent follower and analyst of the Power Universe, I’ve eagerly awaited this season, which promises to escalate the high-stakes drama and intense action that fans adore. This article into the release schedule, storyline, cast, and viewing options for Season 3, offering a detailed guide for both new and returning viewers.

power book iv force season 3 release date

Will There Be a Season 3?

While Starz has yet to officially renew the show, the odds of a third season are very strong. Power Book IV: Force has been a rating success for the network, consistently scoring over 1 million weekly viewers during its first season. This outpaces other Power spinoffs like Book II: Ghost and Book III: Raising Kanan.

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Given the show’s popularity and the unresolved storylines, it is very likely Starz greenlights more episodes in the coming months. The network has seen Power become its biggest franchise after six successful seasons of the original series. Expanding Tommy’s story further makes strategic sense while fans remain invested.

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NamePower Book IV: Force
FormatCrime drama
Created byCourtney A. Kemp
StarringJoseph Sikora
ComposerMichael Rivera, Curtis Richardson
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes20
Original releaseFebruary 6 – March 20, 2022 January 8 – March 5, 2023
Original channelStarz

Power Book IV: Force Season 3 Plot Details

Season 2 ended with plenty of tense cliffhangers, setting up numerous story directions for season 3. A key plotline will follow Tommy seeking revenge after the shocking death of family member JP Gibbs. His mission to punish Liliana’s father for this vengeful act could drive brutal confrontations between rival gangs.

Romantic relationships may also take center stage as Tommy navigates complex ties with Claudia, a vice cop, and illegal drug runner Jenard. Claudia’s pregnancy reveal poses several twists ahead while Jenard’s jealous schemes continue wreaking havoc.

when does power book iv force season 3 come out

There are also open-ended threads around Diamond’s criminal rise, Walter Flynn entering politics, and Tommy’s connect Jon Macon gaining release from jail. Season 3 could tackle all these narrative strands among growing tensions in Chicago’s drug underworld.

Power Book IV: Force Number of Episodes

The first two seasons of Power Book IV: Force comprised 10 and 8 episodes respectively. If the show gets renewed, it is likely season 3 will also span around 8-10 episodes. This allows ample time to resolve cliffhangers while moving characters in fresh directions.

Given theseries’ rising popularity, there have been calls amongst fans to extend episodes into the 12-15 range. But Starz spinoff shows have mostly stuck to shorter 8-10 episode orders even for hits like Book II: Ghost. While not confirmed, viewers should temper expectations of getting anything longer than 10 episodes max.

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Power Book IV: Force Season 3 Cast Returns

If Power Book IV: Force gets another season, viewers can expect several prominent cast members reprising their roles. Obviously, lead star Joseph Sikora will be back as the ruthless yet charismatic Tommy Egan anchoring the narrative.

Other actors likely to return include Isaac Keys as Tommy’s right-hand man Diamond, Gabrielle Ryan as the wily Jenard, and Lucien Cambric as Tommy’s young protege Vic. Lili Simmons and Kris Lofton are also expected to reprise their roles as Claudia and JP Gibbs respectively, despite the tragic fate meeting JP last season.

There is a chance actors playing Walter Flynn or other secondary characters may not return due to emerging storyline requirements. But the bulk of the core cast should remain intact for continuity in a potential 3rd season of Power Book IV: Force.


So will there be a season 3 renewal in the cards? All signs point to yes based on the show’s surging popularity. With shocking cliffhangers begging for resolution, Starz seems certain to order another installment of Tommy Egan’s dramatic criminal exploits in Chicago. So Power fans can breathe easy while waiting for official word.

Power Book IV: Force Season 3: Frequently Asked Question

With the recent conclusion of Power Book IV: Force’s second season, fans are curious what the future may hold for the fast-rising Starz series. Here we answer some common questions viewers have about the prospects of Force getting renewed and what season 3 could entail.

Q: Will There Be a Season 3?

A: This remains unconfirmed by Starz, but the odds are strongly in favor of Force getting renewed. The Power universe is the network’s most successful franchise and Force currently ranks as one of its top-rated shows. With plenty of unresolved stories, a third season seems inevitable pending official word.

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Q: When Will Season 3 Premiere?

A: If Force gets renewed soon, expect season 3 no earlier than Spring 2024. There was a year and a half gap between Book II: Ghost’s first two seasons and over a year between Book III: Raising Kanan’s. Given Force wrapped season 2 in January 2023, Spring 2024 is the most optimistic projection.

Q: What Will Season 3 Explore?

A: Tommy’s quest for revenge over JP’s shocking demise will likely drive key storylines. The repercussions of Claudia’s pregnancy reveal also warrant exploration. Jon Macon’s jail release and budding conflicts between rival Chicago gangs could boil over as well. And does Vic accept Tommy’s offer to head west and lead? Fans anticipate storylines tackling these cliffhangers.

Q: How Did Season 2 End?

A: The season 2 finale escalated tensions dramatically. Tommy lost compose after Diamond murdered gang leader Capt. Floyd as JP perished in an altercation. We also witnessed Jenard continuing his scheming ways after a cocaine theft. And in a shock twist, Claudia told Tommy she is pregnant with his child!

Q: Who Might Be Leaving Before Season 3?

A: Actor Caleb Bell may depart with his character JP meeting a tragic demise late in season 2. There are also questions whether Claudia actors Lili Simmons or series regulars like Kris Lofton (Walter Flynn) will see reduced roles if storylines shift away from certain characters or relationships. But expect Tommy actor Joseph Sikora and most key players back.

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