With Love Season 3 Updates: Possible Release Date on Netflix and Fate of Other Romantic Favorites

With Love took Netflix by storm when its first season debuted around Christmas 2021. The charming romantic comedy follows the love lives of Mexican-American Diaz siblings Lily, Jorge, Beatriz, and Henry over the holidays. Created by Gloria Calderón Kellett, With Love captured fans’ hearts with its diversity, optimism, and eccentric family dynamics.

The season ended with cliffhangers suggesting the Diaz family has many more stories worth exploring. Now viewers eagerly await word on whether Netflix plans to unwrap a third season.

The show, which centers around the Diaz family and their experiences with relationships, aired its first season on Prime Video in December 2021. It starred Emeraude Toubia as Lily and Desmond Chiam as Jorge Jr., as well as Vincent Rodriguez III, Mark Indelicato, Constance Marie, and Benito Martinez.

With Love Season 3 Release Date

With Love Season 3 Release Date

“With Love” received positive reviews from critics and fans who enjoyed its heartfelt storytelling and Latinx representation. However, as of now, Prime Video has not yet announced any plans for a second season.

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Typically, renewal decisions are made within a few months of a show’s premiere on streaming platforms. But in the case of “With Love,” there’s been no word from Amazon yet, which doesn’t necessarily indicate outright cancellation but still leaves things uncertain.

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The show’s creator, Gloria Calderón Kellett, had hinted at hopes for a fall 2024 release date for season 3 in previous interviews. Clearly those proposed timeframes have passed already with fans still awaiting official word.

NameWith Love
TypeTV series
GenreRomantic comedy-drama
Created byGloria Calderón Kellett
StarringEmeraude Toubia, Mark Indelicato, Rome Flynn, Isis King, Todd Grinnell, Vincent Rodriguez III, Desmond Chiam, Andre Royo, Renée Victor, Benito Martinez, and Constance Marie
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes11
Running time27–32 minutes
Production companyAmazon Studios
Original networkPrime Video
Release dateNovember 30, 2021
StatusRenewed for season 3
Filming locationsPortland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California
Executive producersGloria Calderón Kellett, Mike Royce, and Becky Clements

With Love Season 3 Cast: Who Would Return?

If With Love gets renewed, expect series regulars to reprise their roles as the captivating Diaz siblings and parents:

  • Emeraude Toubia as Lily
  • Mark Indelicato as Jorge
  • Isis Gomes as Beatriz
  • Vincent Rodriguez III as Henry
  • Renee Victor as Beatriz Sr.
  • Benito Martinez as Jorge Sr.

Major love interests would hopefully return too like Henry’s intimidating boyfriend Dr. Miles Murphy (Rome Flynn) and Lily’s charming ex-fling Mateo (Desmond Chiam).

New characters introduced last season may also join the main cast, especially Jorge’s promising partner Henry Rodriguez (Todd Grinnell). Fans continue rooting for #HenRique after their rocky road to romance encountered multiple sweet and steamy pitstops.

with love season 3 cancelled

With Love Season 3 Plot: What Romances May Bloom Next?

On Christmas Eve last season, the Diaz clan came together in love to support Beatriz in her pregnancy and honor cherished family traditions. But each sibling still faced uncertainty in their personal relationships that could unfold in a possible Season 3.

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Lily decided to leave her fancy law firm to pursue more fulfilling work. Showrunner Calderón Kellett hinted Lily could rediscover her purpose while navigating fun dating adventures or even reigniting an old flame. Given her talent for meddling, fans might enjoy seeing Beatriz play matchmaker for Lily with her signature dramatic flair.

The season ended with Jorge preparing to join Henry in moving to London, taking a huge step by uprooting his life. A third season set across the pond could explore how cultural differences affect their cross-border romance.

Beatriz will likely juggle the craziness of pregnancy hormones, baby preparations, and her unconventional in-laws. Perhaps she’ll hatch zany schemes trying to ensure her child doesn’t inherit the Diaz family curse of disastrous love lives.

While the creator remains open to more seasons, the show purposefully delivers a satisfying, optimism-infused ending each cycle, just like the holidays themselves.

Is Netflix Making a With Love Season 3?

Netflix has yet to officially announce if With Love will return for a third installment. But the streamer seems keen to back shows uplifting underrepresented voices on topics beyond coming of age stories. With Love stands out through Calderón Kellett’s knack for infusing Latinx culture into lighthearted yet meaningful romantic dramedies for viewers of all backgrounds.

Given With Love’s feel-good formula resonated across two holiday seasons already, Netflix would hopefully embrace reuniting the Diaz family for even more cross-generational escapades. The show’s first two seasons swiftly entered Netflix’s Global Top 10 charts, suggesting strong viewership to merit ongoing adventures with the lovable characters.

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Does You Have a Release Date for Season 3?

Yes! After much anticipation, Netflix announced YOU will return for a third season on October 15, 2021. It continues chronicling serial stalker Joe Goldberg’s disturbing obsessions after he moved to the suburbs and married Love Quinn.

You stacks up as a thriller foil to With Love’s joyful tone. But both series provide addicting, binge-worthy takes on relationships.

Is From Getting a Season 3 Renewal on Epix?

Epix has not yet announced if FROM will return for a third season. The sci-fi mystery offers a creepier counterpoint to With Love’s bright vision of romance.

FROM follows strangers attempting to survive a nightmarish town that traps all those who enter. The first season ended on a major cliffhanger in June 2022 so fans are eager to learn if their escape journey will continue in a third season.

Will There Be a Third Season of Netflix’s Love and Anarchy?

Yes! Fans rejoiced when Netflix renewed this fun Swedish rom-com for a third and final season likely premiering in 2023.

Like With Love, Love and Anarchy expertly blends cheerful personality clashes with steamier will they/won’t they trysts. The premise involves a married consultant and young IT tech engaged in a high-stakes flirtation packed with wacky challenges testing personal boundaries.

Viewers anticipating With Love Season 3 premiering over the 2024 holidays can enjoy Love and Anarchy’s similar brand of unconventional relationship storylines in the meantime.

In summary, while Netflix holds the future of With Love Season 3 in its hands, romantic comedy fans need not despair. The streamer continues expanding diverse, uplifting relationship content creators hope serves as a refreshing antidote to an often cynical world.

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