‘Good Trouble’ Renewed for Season 6, Furthering Callie and Mariana’s Stories Into Adulthood

Good Trouble, the Freeform drama that follows a group of friends living together in downtown Los Angeles, has been renewed for a sixth season ahead of its Season 5 premiere this summer. The series is a spinoff of the network’s popular family drama The Fosters and focuses on adoptive sisters Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) as they embark on adventures in career, relationships and more with their close-knit, diverse group of friends.

will there be a sixth season they can look forward to? In this article, we analyze the likelihood of a renewal based on multiple factors, provide production and cast updates, summarize network statements regarding the show’s future, and explore what audiences can expect from another enthralling installment.

Good Trouble Season 6 Release Date

Good Trouble Season 6 Release Date

Considering Good Trouble’s rising viewership, critical acclaim and cultural significance, the chances of renewal are very high. The show’s nuanced portrayals of marginalized communities and serialization format fostering deep emotional investment have garnered immense praise and loyal fandoms. Even more promisingly, it holds the mantle of Freeform’s highest-rated original series, reflecting tremendous commercial success.

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Another optimistic indicator lies in the showrunner’s long-term visions spanning potential future seasons. Combined with the cast’s unwavering dedication and on-screen chemistry fueling the emotional core, all signs point to additional stories left to explore within this universe. Ultimately network executives would be remiss not to greenlight further chapters of such a flourishing production.

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NameGood Trouble
FormatDrama, Comedy-drama
Created byBradley Bredeweg, Peter Paige
StarringMaia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez, Tommy Martinez, Emma Hunton
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes79 (as of Jan 2023)
Original networkFreeform
Original releaseJune 18, 2019 – present
Related showsThe Fosters
Production locationLos Angeles

Good Trouble Season 6 Plot

While plot details are still under wraps for Season 6, the show will continue exploring Callie and Mariana’s evolution into adulthood along with the ups and downs experienced by the rest of the tight-knit residents at The Coterie in downtown L.A. These characters include Gael (Tommy Martinez), Davia (Emma Hunton), Dennis (Josh Pence), Malika (Zuri Adele) and newcomer Joaquin (Bryan Craig).

will there be a good trouble season 6

Fans can expect more career highs and lows for the group, especially at the social justice law firm where Callie works and the fledgling startup where Mariana is trying to prove herself. Romantic relationships will likely continue to get complicated, with Callie still figuring out her feelings between co-workers Gael and Jamie as well as Mariana weighing her options.

More social issues relevant to young adults today are also sure to be spotlighted as the friends lean on each other while navigating life’s unpredictable journey.

Good Trouble Season 6 Cast and Characters

While cast details are not yet confirmed for Season 6, it is expected that leads Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez will return to anchor the show as adopted sisters Callie and Mariana Adams Foster.

Supporting cast members Emma Hunton, Tommy Martinez, Zuri Adele and Josh Pence are also likely to reprise their roles if previous season renewals are any indication. There is a chance Bryan Craig may get bumped up to series regular after joining Season 5 as a recurring guest star.

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Good Trouble Season 6 Story Details

After following these friends from their early 20s into their later 20s throughout the first five seasons, viewers are eager to see how the characters continue to grow heading into Season 6 and whatever life stages may come next.

With showrunner and cast expressing enthusiasm to keep evolving storylines for as long as fans enjoy watching, it looks like Callie, Mariana and the residents of the Coterie still have much more trouble – and growth – ahead.

Updates from Production Team and Talent

In media interviews, series creator Joanna Johnson expressed a strong desire to continue tackling hard-hitting societal issues through the ly and professionally in forthcoming seasons. Supporting stars Sherry Cola and Zuri Adele also hinted at more representation and character development for minorities to spotlight positive change.

Such commitment to the show’s social impact and close-knit familial environment between creatives hint at a shared wish to propel Good Trouble forwards. Their alignment with the network’s values around diversity and identity makes renewal prospects seem even more promising.

Official Statements Hint at More to Come Season 6

Though Freeform has not issued formal announcements regarding Season 6, positivity exudes from official messaging so far. Network heads have spotlighted Good Trouble’s cultural footprint and potential for longevity thanks to its intergenerational appeal. Marketing campaigns have even featured the playful tagline “the story continues…” hinting that fans can expect more from the Adams-Fosters’ journeys.

Subtly optimistic social media posts from the cast have stoked that too. Overall, while official confirmation remains pending, the tone from official show partners indicates confidence in spiraling this nuanced universe out further. There is likely more uplifting, hard-hitting storytelling in the cards.

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What Can Fans Expect from Season 6?

As evidenced by nail-biting Season 5 finale cliffhangers, there remains tremendous scope for the key characters’ arcs to unfold further. Fans are eager to see Callie take on dangerous systemic corruption while navigating her romance with Jamie.

Meanwhile Mariana faces professional turmoil that could ultimately strengthen her entrepreneurial path. Supporting characters like Malika, Davia and Dennis may take the spotlight confronting personal demons and reinventing their careers.

Thematically, upcoming milestones like elections, holidays and characters turning 30 provide backdrops to explore political awakening, found families and aging out of youth. Ultimately the compassion and wisdom that has garnered such admiration seems guaranteed to uplift spirits during a complex social era.


In closing, strong viewership and critical success metrics coupled with the dedicated production team’s creative visions indicate promising prospects for Good Trouble to score a Season 6 renewal.

Though official confirmation remains pending, supportive messaging from network partners suggests more socially-conscious storytelling spotlighting diversity lies ahead for fans.

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