That Dirty Black Bag Rides Back for Season 2? AMC Western Future Unclear for 2024 After Season 1 Finale

The gritty Western series That Dirty Black Bag debuted to positive reviews in 2022, garnering praise for the dynamic between bounty hunter Red Bill (Dominic Cooper) and scheming widow Hypatia (Niv Sultan).  After the bloody events of season one involving their rival bounty hunters and Red’s traumatic past, fans are wondering if That Dirty Black Bag will return for more frontier adventures.

An official season two renewal has not yet been announced by AMC, but if greenlit, the new episodes may continue exploring the complicated backstories and morally ambiguous motivations of the lead characters. With its unique blend of genres and stellar cast, That Dirty Black Bag stands out as a Western worth revisiting.

Superficial sequels often dull complex themes, prioritizing spectacle above meaning. By contrast, this series extracts quiet redemption from chaos, suggesting hope persists even on society’s ragged fringe. Such wisdom emerges organically as desert blossoms after a silent storm.

That Dirty Black Bag Season 2 Release Date

That Dirty Black Bag Season 2 Release Date

Of course fans feel frustration when beloved tales stall midstream. Yet stillness offers perspective to reframe the discourse around community over consumption, depth above distraction. In turbulent eras, timeless ideals of sacrifice and redemption are rediscovered through steadfast icons traversing destabilized terrain. Patient waiting prepares us to fully receive the very stories we most need in difficult times.

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Rather than resent delays, we might see flexibility as an invitation to tap into the deeper spiritual undercurrents shaping society. In the gap between flashy premieres bloated with hype and screens gone silent in absence, art’s richest meaning thrives – if only we quiet our restless chatter long enough to feel it surging underneath.

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NameThat Dirty Black Bag
Series NameThat Dirty Black Bag
DeveloperGiovanni Scognamiglio, Joe Nozemack, Christoph Daniel
StarringDominic Cooper, Douglas Booth, Guido Caprino
No. of Seasons1
Original NetworkAMC, AMC+
Original ReleaseMarch 10, 2022 – present
Season 1 Episodes8

That Dirty Black Bag Season 2 Cast

The unique Spaghetti Western series That Dirty Black Bag stormed onto AMC and AMC+ in 2022, garnering praise for its gritty tone and morally complex characters. With its first eight-episode season now wrapped up, fans are wondering if there will be a second roundup for the show sometime soon. Here’s a look at what we know so far about a potential That Dirty Black Bag season 2.

where can i watch that dirty black bag season 2

That Dirty Black Bag Season 1 Recap

Set in the 1870s, That Dirty Black Bag follows former Union soldier-turned-deadly bounty hunter Red Bill (Dominic Cooper) as his violent past in the Civil War collides with the present. Red crosses paths with underhanded widow Hypatia (Niv Sultan), an outlaw with schemes of her own. Their initial adversarial dynamic eventually develops into an uneasy partnership with a trail of corpses in their wake.

The first season ended with Red finally finding steely rancher Arthur McCoy (Douglas Booth), who had put a bounty on his own head to draw out Red. Arthur holds Red responsible for the massacre of his family, revealing Red’s buried trauma from the war. Meanwhile, Hypatia outwits rival bounty hunter Luca (Guido Caprino), securing the deeds to a valuable property.

What Could Season 2 Explore?

If That Dirty Black Bag gets renewed for season 2, the story seems primed to further unpack Red and Arthur’s feud as they dig deeper into who was truly responsible for Arthur’s family’s deaths. The finale also hinted at a budding romance between Red and Hypatia beneath their shifty business arrangement, so season 2 could continue exploring that complicated dynamic amidst their blood-soaked adventures.

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There are also still loose threads to be tied up from season 1’s supporting characters. Stefano Ribisi as Red’s former comrade Steve and Christian Cooke as lethal bounty hunter Henry still have unresolved vendettas with Red and Hypatia that could flare up again. And Red’s enigmatic acquaintance Josias (Alessandro Borghi) has a connection to Red’s past that hasn’t been fully revealed yet. A second season would have ample content to dive back into the show’s richly drawn frontier world and gritty characters.

Will That Dirty Black Bag Get Renewed for Season 2?

As of now, there has been no official word yet from AMC regarding the renewal or cancellation status of That Dirty Black Bag. The show garnered overall positive reviews for its unique blend of genres, setting itself apart from more traditional Westerns. With the star power and acting prowess of Cooper and Sultan anchoring the series, That Dirty Black Bag certainly seems to have the ingredients for an awards breakout.

However, as a foreign acquisition and co-production between AMC in the U.S., Spaghetti Western Films, and Palomar in Italy, the show’s season 2 renewal may depend just as much on overseas partners as AMC’s domestic numbers. International viewer reception and financing considerations could factor heavily.

But given AMC’s track record of cultivating their success with slower-building shows that gain traction thanks to word-of-mouth, there remains a possibility That Dirty Black Bag may still get another go-round. Much as fellow AMC acquisition Killing Eve gradually built upsteam over multiple seasons thanks to glowing reviews, so too could That Dirty Black Bag if audiences keep discovering the unique Western gem. We expect official renewal news will arrive before mid-2023.

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Where To Watch Season 2

If greenlit for season 2, audiences can likely expect That Dirty Black Bag to return to both AMC cable channel and the AMC+ streaming platform, keeping inline with season 1 availability. As an AMC original production internationally distributed overseas by Paramount, the series should be available exclusively via AMC Networks channels domestically and Paramount’s international distribution for regions outside the U.S.

That Dirty Black Bag helped bolster AMC+’s offerings as they compete in the streaming content wars. So AMC has good incentive to keep the show in their staple as a buzzworthy exclusive. As long as international financing and partnerships allow for another season, expect season 2 to release as an AMC original likely late 2023 or early 2024 if renewed.

With its genre-bending take on the grizzled antiheroes of Spaghetti Westerns, That Dirty Black Bag delivered a unique tone and perspective to help it stand out in the crowd. Here’s hoping Red Bill and company saddle back up to continue their distinctively dusty, bloody adventures in a second season. But for now, fans eagerly await word from AMC if this dirty black bag’s story still has more gold left to mine.

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