Natasha Crown Butt Lift Surgery- A Journey to Become a Successful Model

Natasha Crown is a model who has become famous for a very unusual reason: she wants to have the biggest bum in the world. Originally from Serbia, Natasha now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been in the spotlight because of her extraordinary goal and the surgeries she has undergone to achieve it. Fans are excited to know about the journey of Natasha Crown Butt lift Surgery.

From a young age, Natasha was interested in having a curvy body. She admired celebrities with full figures and dreamed of enhancing her own body in a similar way. This dream led her to start working out at the gym when she was a teenager. But she soon realized that exercise alone wouldn’t give her the body shape she desired. That’s when she decided to turn to plastic surgery.

Natasha’s first major step towards her goal was a Brazilian butt lift, a type of surgery where fat is moved from other parts of the body to the buttocks. This was just the beginning of her journey. She has had multiple surgeries since then, each time aiming to increase the size of her bum even more. Natasha’s story is not just about her physical transformation; it’s also about her determination to achieve a unique personal goal, despite the risks and the mixed reactions from the public.

Who is Natasha Crown?

Natasha Crown Butt Lift Surgery

Natasha Crown is a glamour model and social media influencer, originally from Serbia, who has gained international attention for her extraordinary pursuit of having the world’s largest buttocks. She resides in Stockholm, Sweden, and has become a controversial figure in the realm of body modification and plastic surgery.

Natasha’s journey into the spotlight began with her desire to enhance her body to extreme proportions. She was motivated by her admiration for curvaceous celebrities and a personal goal to stand out with a unique physical appearance. This led her to undergo several Brazilian buttlift surgeries, where fat from other parts of her body was transferred to her buttocks, significantly increasing their size.

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Beyond her surgeries, Natasha Crown is known for her presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she shares her life and body transformation journey and interacts with a large following. Her decision to transform her body to such an extent has sparked discussions and debates about beauty standards, body image, and the extent to which individuals go to achieve their ideal body.

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Early Life and Career

Natasha Crown’s journey to becoming a widely recognized figure in the world of body modification and glamour modeling began in her early life in Serbia. Born and raised in Serbia, Natasha later moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she grew up and spent most of her formative years. Her early life in Sweden played a significant role in shaping her aspirations and career path.

As a young girl, Natasha was known for her athletic build, largely attributed to her active involvement in sports like volleyball. This athletic phase of her life laid the foundation for her later interest in body transformation. Her initial body image was quite different from what she is known for today; she was a slim size 10, which is relatively slender compared to her current figure.

Natasha’s interest in enhancing her body size and shape began to manifest in her teenage years. She was inspired by the curvaceous figures of famous celebrities and desired to emulate a similar body type. This aspiration led her to the gym, where she started working out with the goal of augmenting her physique, particularly her buttocks.

However, it was not until she reached the age of 17 that Natasha began to seriously consider and pursue a career in glamour modeling. Her decision to undergo plastic surgery, starting with a Brazilian butt lift, marked a turning point in her life and career. This first surgery was a stepping stone into the world of glamour modeling, where she quickly made a name for herself.

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How Natasha Crown Became a Model with Big Butts?

Natasha Crown Butt Lift Surgery

Natasha Crown’s transformation into a model renowned for her exceptionally large buttocks is a story of personal ambition, body modification, and embracing an unconventional beauty standard. Her journey from a regular, athletic teenager to a glamour model with one of the world’s largest buttocks is marked by a series of deliberate choices and surgeries.

Initial Aspirations and Gym Workouts

Natasha’s initial steps towards achieving her unique physique began in her teenage years. Inspired by curvaceous celebrities, she aspired to enhance her body to achieve a similar voluptuous figure. This led her to start intensive workouts, focusing on increasing the size and firmness of her buttocks. While her gym routines contributed to some extent, they couldn’t achieve the exaggerated proportions she desired.

Turning to Plastic Surgery

Realizing the limitations of natural body enhancement through exercise, Natasha turned to plastic surgery to achieve her goal. Her first significant step was undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, a procedure where fat is transferred from other parts of the body to the buttocks. This surgery marked the beginning of her transformation and set her on the path to becoming a model known for her large buttocks.

Embracing the Glamour Modeling World

Post-surgery, Natasha’s enhanced figure drew considerable attention, paving the way for her entry into the world of glamour modeling. Her unique and bold look was a standout in the industry, attracting a following and making her a subject of both admiration and controversy. She capitalized on her newfound fame, leveraging social media to share her journey and connect with an audience fascinated by her transformation.

Continuous Enhancement and Publicity

Natasha’s pursuit of the ‘world’s biggest bum’ didn’t stop with one surgery. She underwent multiple Brazilian butt lifts, each time increasing the size of her buttocks.

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Natasha Crown Butt Lift Surgery

Natasha has undergone multiple Brazilian butt lift surgeries, where fat was taken from other parts of her body and injected into her buttocks. She deliberately gained weight before her surgeries to ensure there was enough fat for the transfer. Her goal was to achieve a record-breaking 90-inch circumference.

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How many plastic surgery procedures has she undergone?

Natasha Crown’s journey is marked by her multiple buttlift surgeries. It is a decision that has not only transformed her body but also her life and career. Here’s an overview of her experience with buttlift surgery:

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures

Natasha Crown underwent several Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgeries. It is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves transferring fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks. This procedure will enhance the size and shape of the buttocks, giving them a fuller and more rounded appearance.

The First Surgery

Her first BBL surgery was a significant step in her transformation journey. This initial procedure laid the foundation for her future enhancements. It involves the removal of fat from various parts of her body. It includes her arms, back, and stomach, and then injects this fat into her buttocks.

Subsequent Surgeries and Enhancements

Natasha didn’t stop at one surgery. She underwent multiple BBL procedures to continuously increase the size of her buttocks. Each surgery added more volume, gradually moving her closer to her goal of having the largest buttocks in the world.


Natasha Crown butt lift Surgery is quite a bold step. Her pursuit of the world’s biggest bum has been a journey of extreme body modifications. Despite the risks and controversies, she continues to achieve her goal, reflecting a unique perspective on beauty and body image.


What motivated Natasha Crown to pursue extreme body modifications?

Natasha was inspired by curvaceous celebrities and wanted to enhance her body to feel sexy and powerful.

How did Natasha Crown fund her surgeries?

She funded her surgeries through savings from her job, contributions from her parents, and her earnings from modeling.

What risks did Natasha Crown face with her surgeries?

Natasha underwent many surgeries with potential complications like organ damage and blood clots.

How has Natasha Crown’s transformation affected her daily life?

Her transformation has made certain activities challenging, like running, finding clothes that fit, and even sitting in airplane seats.

What is Natasha Crown’s ultimate goal with her surgeries?

Her goal is to achieve the world’s biggest bum, aiming for a 90-inch circumference.

How has the public reacted to Natasha Crown’s appearance?

She receives mix reactions from the people with some people expressing admiration and others expressing concern or criticism.

Does Natasha Crown plan to have more surgeries?

Yes, Natasha plans to continue her surgeries to further enhance her bum size, despite the risks involved.

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