Guillermo Del Toro Produces Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2, Bringing Back Original Cast for More Spine-Tingling Tales

The first Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark film brought frightful delight to horror fans when it hit theaters in 2019. With Guillermo del Toro among its producers and monster designs based on the original book series’ iconic scary illustrations, the movie became a surprise box office smash. Naturally, whispers of a sequel emerged soon after the first movie premiered. And given the wealth of darkly playful short horror stories still left to be explored from Alvin Schwartz’s beloved books, there’s endless creepy inspiration yet to tap into for a Scary Stories 2.

Nearly four years later, details on a potential sequel are still mostly shrouded in mystery similar to the sinister scares found in Schwartz’s pages. The original movie centered around a haunted house where teens discovered Schwartz’s scary short stories come bizarrely to life through a sentient book. A follow-up could further explore the mystical tome’s twisted tales playing out in even more terrifying ways. With such a simple framework rooted in an existing treasure trove of horror content from the books, crafting another grab-bag movie of scary shorts seems inevitable.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2 Release Date

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2 Release Date

The original stars like Michael Garza and Austin Zajur have shared hopes to return, indicating the main cast remains interested. Garza even suggested his traumatized character Ramon could grapple with PTSD-like symptoms after the first movie’s supernatural ordeal. This provides solid character groundwork to continue developing while introducing freshly ghastly stories. As long as del Toro and other architects of the original like director André Øvredal remain invested in revisiting and expanding this creepy universe, there’s much territory left to chill viewers with Schwartz’s ageless campfire-style horror.

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Yet despite the wealth of readymade scary stories left untouched, no major updates on Scary Stories 2 have emerged since 2020. The pandemic has delayed countless films over the past few years, so its likely progress stalled as Hollywood cautiously resumed production. But with moviegoing largely returned to normalcy and horror remaining a thriving genre, the climate seems right for Scary Stories’ nightmarish world to continue growing.

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NameScary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2
Directed byAndré Øvredal
Produced byGuillermo del Toro, Sean Daniel, Jason F. Brown, J. Miles Dale, Elizabeth Grave
Written byDan Hageman, Kevin Hageman
Based onScary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz
StarringZoe Margaret Colletti, Michael Garza, Gabriel Rush
Music byMarco Beltrami, Anna Drubich
CinematographyRoman Osin
Edited byPatrick Larsgaard
Production companiesCBS Films, Double Dare You Productions, Entertainment One
Distributed byLionsgate, CBS Films
Release dateComing Soon
Running time111 minutes
Box officeNot Available
CountryUnited States

Del Toro and his team have proven masterful at bringing monsters from page to screen in vividly scary yet imaginative ways. And the original struck a perfect balance between humor and horror that felt ripped straight from the original books’ eerie-but-playful DNA. Another movie could continue riding that fine line between frights and fun.

Will There Be A Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2?

The first movie ended on a sinisterly ambiguous note as well, with room for our teen heroes’ adventures to continue, along with introducing a new batch of scares. Schwartz’s multi-book collection leaves hundreds of freaky avenues left unexplored too. Stories like “Harold” about a frightening scarecrow or “The Red Spot” detailing a girl’s growing spider bite could make for memorably creepy segments.

While no concrete production timeline or release date for has materialized yet, all signs point to a second Scary Stories outing arriving someday. Too many pieces fit together neatly for another cinematic installment not to materialize eventually. Del Toro rarely leaves his monstrous movie worlds underexplored. And if any existing horror property deserves an expanded film treatment, it’s Schwartz’s legendary campfire classics brimming with sinister intrigue.

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when does scary stories to tell in the dark 2 come out

Whenever Scary Stories 2 does creep its way onto screens, expect familiar frightened faces along with no shortage of new reasons to avoid dark basements and creepy cornfields late at night. Schwartz’s endlessly chilling shorts were made for endless spooky cinematic treatment. And with del Toro and company onboard to bring the iconic illustrations and prose to screen once again whenever timing permits, sleepless nights undoubtedly await viewers brave enough to peer into this sinister storybook’s next nightmare chapter.

Where Is Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2?

The first Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark film brought frightful delight to horror fans when it premiered in 2019. As a surprise box office smash co-produced by monster maestro Guillermo del Toro, the movie adapted several chilling tales from Alvin Schwartz’s beloved children’s horror books for the big screen. With its iconic monster designs and a perfect balance of scares and heart, the movie left viewers thrilled yet also curious to dive deeper into Schwartz’s creepy fictional universe.

Naturally, whispers of a sequel emerged shortly after the first movie hit theaters. Its open-ended conclusion left clear room for the nightmarish adventures to continue for our teen heroes Chuck, Auggie, Stella and Ramon. Not to mention the endless trove of scary stories left untouched in Schwartz’s pages waiting to be explored. Between del Toro’s cinematic imagination and source material brimming with campfire tales, Scary Stories 2 seemed inevitable.

Yet nearly four years later, the anticipated second movie remains shrouded in mystery. The once-frequent sequel chatter has dimmed to radio silence, leaving fans to wonder – what happened to Scary Stories 2? Where exactly is that next chilling installment?

The lack of updates likely comes down to the pandemic throwing long-term film plans into disarray across Hollywood. Countless movies faced delays or lingering production issues these past few years as COVID introduced logistical complications. Scary Stories 2 may just be another casualty of the entertainment industry pressing pause as health concerns rightfully took priority.

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But recently major studios seem to be kicking gear back into high monster movie mode. Del Toro himself has multiple high-profile horror projects underway brimming with otherworldly beasts and chilling imagery. As audiences reconnect with creature features and haunted thrillers on the big screen, the climate seems perfect for Scary Stories 2 to come creeping back onto the radar soon.

What Happened To Auggie And Chuck?

Whenever the next chapter emerges, fans will surely be curious to catch up with the first movie’s endearing quartet of heroes – shy horror nerd Stella, jokester Auggie, loyal Chuck and haunted Ramon. The four actors all remain interested in returning, with Michael Garza even suggesting his intense character Ramon could grapple with PTSD-like symptoms after nearly being killed by the first film’s nightmarish scarecrow Harold. This lays intriguing groundwork to further develop the friends while introducing more scares.

Plenty of delightfully freaky source material remains untouched too for Scary Stories 2 to explore as well. Creepy tales like “The Red Spot” or “The Drum” could be twisted into memorably spooky vignettes under del Toro’s imagination. And the allure of experiencing Schwartz’s bone-chilling prose come unsettlingly to life, like last time, offers endless skin-crawling potential.

While no firm timeline has emerged yet, the pieces still seem perfectly aligned for audiences to someday rejoin Stella, Auggie, Chuck and Ramon on another haunting adventure tapped straight from Schwartz’s ageless horror collections. Whenever Scary Stories 2 emerges from the shadows, favorite faces from the first movie will likely be back alongside entirely new reasons to fear abandoned houses and creepy basements late at night.

Until then, fans can rumors if the teased sequel could introduce our heroes navigating high school while facing down even more frightening tales ripped from Schwartz’s iconic books. One thing feels certain – if del Toro has any say, we have not seen the last of this story’s mischievous magical tome’s terrifying tricks yet. More anxiety-inducing tales surely still await being conjured from its fragile old pages whenever the Scary Stories saga returns with its next goosebump-raising chapter.

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