Has Micah Materre Underwent Back Surgery?

Micah Materre is a well-known TV news anchor at WGN-TV in Chicago. She’s been a familiar face on television for many years, bringing news and stories to the people of Chicago. Recently, Micah hasn’t been on TV as much as usual, and this has made her fans and viewers wonder what’s going on. They are speculating that Micah Materre has undergone Back Surgery.

Micah started her career at WGN-TV back in 1998 and quickly became one of the most recognized news anchors in the city. She’s known for her engaging way of telling stories and covering important events, like when Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States. Apart from her work on TV, Micah is also involved in various community groups and organizations in Chicago, showing her dedication to the city and its people.

Lately, there have been talks and rumors about Micah’s health because she hasn’t been appearing on her regular news shows. People are curious to know if she is okay and why she’s not on TV. It’s been said that she might have had back surgery, which is why she’s taking a break from work.

However, there’s not a lot of detailed information available about her health or the surgery. This article aims to shed some light on what’s happening with Micah Materre and her absence from the newsroom.

Who is Micah Materre?

Micah Materre Back Surgery

Micah Materre is an American journalist and news anchor, well-known for her work with WGN-TV in Chicago. She began her career at WGN-TV in January 1998 and has since become a prominent figure in Chicago’s media landscape. Materre is recognized for her dynamic reporting and anchoring skills, covering a wide range of stories, including significant events and special assignments.

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Apart from her journalistic endeavors, Materre is also actively involved in community and civic organizations in Chicago. She serves on the advisory board of Tutoring Chicago and the board of directors for the Chicago Children’s Choir. Additionally, she is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the National Association of Black Journalists, and the civic organization Links, Incorporated.

Throughout her career, Materre has been acknowledged for her contributions to journalism and the community, earning respect and admiration from viewers and peers alike. Her role as a news anchor has made her a familiar and trusted figure in many Chicago households.

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Is Micah Materre ill?

There have been speculations about Micah Materre’s health due to her absence from regular anchoring duties at WGN-TV. However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that she is ill. Materre has maintained a low profile regarding her health and recuperation, leading to various rumors and concerns among her audience.

However, it has been reported that she underwent back surgery in late 2022, which led to her taking a break from her regular anchoring duties at WGN-TV. This absence has sparked speculation and concern among her viewers and fans.

It’s important to note that the information available is based on the latest reports and may not reflect the most current status. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it would be advisable to refer to official statements from Micah Materre or WGN-TV.

Did Micah Materre Go Through Back Surgery?

Micah Materre Back Surgery

Yes, according to the information available, Micah Materre did undergo back surgery. This surgery, reportedly carried out in late 2022, is the primary reason for her extended absence from her role as a news anchor at WGN-TV.

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While there has been no official statement directly from Micah Materre or WGN-TV confirming the details of the surgery, multiple sources and discussions, including those on social media and online forums, support the information that she had back surgery. This absence and the lack of detailed public information have led to speculation and concern among her audience.

It’s important to note that the specifics of her surgery, including the reasons for it and her recovery process, have not been publicly disclosed in detail. For the most accurate and current information, it would be advisable to refer to any official updates from Micah Materre or WGN-TV.

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Where is Micah Materre Now?

As of now, Micah Materre is still in Chicago, where she resides with her family. She continues to be a part of WGN-TV, though she is currently on a leave of absence, presumably for health-related reasons. Materre’s love for Chicago is evident in her work, especially in her program “Chicago‚Äôs Very Own,” which highlights prominent individuals from the city.


Micah Materre, a respected figure in Chicago’s journalism, has been off-air due to back surgery. While details about her surgery and recovery are scarce, her absence is deeply felt by her viewers. Her return to television is eagerly awaited by her fans, who wish her a speedy recovery.


What is Micah Materre’s current role at WGN-TV?

Micah Materre is an anchor for WGN-TV, covering various news segments and special assignments. She has been with the station since 1998.

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Has Micah Materre been ill?

There is no confirmed information about Micah Materre being ill. But, her absence from WGN-TV is attributed to back surgery she reportedly underwent in late 2022.

Why is Micah Materre not on air currently?

Micah Materre is currently off-air due to back surgery. Which has necessitated a period of recovery and absence from her anchoring duties.

When did Micah Materre join WGN-TV?

Micah Materre joined WGN-TV in January 1998 and has since been a prominent figure in Chicago’s journalism scene.

What kind of stories has Micah Materre covered?

Throughout her career, Materre has covered a wide range of stories. It includes entertainment news, special assignments, and significant events like the inauguration of America’s first black President.

Is there any official statement about Micah Materre’s health?

There has been no official statement from Micah Materre or WGN-TV regarding her health or the specifics of her back surgery.

What is Micah Materre’s connection to Chicago?

Micah Materre is a native Chicagoan and has a deep connection to the city, both professionally and personally. She has produced and reported on programs highlighting notable Chicagoans.

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