The academic phase of a person’s life is the most enjoyable phase that opens individuals to limitless possibilities. However, many students may argue with the notion and cannot wait to complete their school experience. However, the responsibilities students encounter in this phase are meager, and being a student is the best time for traveling and experiencing the world.

People have, however, been held back from going beyond their boundaries mainly due to financial constraints. However, you do not require a significantly large cash to pursue your dreams. This article seeks to enlighten students on places they can visit with a small budget.

Budget-friendly tips

  1. Start by exploring your local area.

Due to the excitement of breaking boundaries and going beyond our jurisdictions, it may be easy to ignore our local areas. What may be at your disposal does not usually look as attractive, and students are curious to go beyond their localities. However, it is vital to start with your area before moving to the next town or country.

Local areas are rich in culture that students may be unaware of, and they may also have limitless fun activities. Explore nature through hiking with friends and visit museums to learn about the history of your town. After exhausting all options in the area, students may expand their hobby to other towns and countries.

  1. Traveling during study breaks – Plan your trip.

Planning is one of the paramount skills that students must learn to help them make their academic lives smooth and effortless. Planning is required in academic activities such as essay writing through preparing essay outlines, and if you’re on vacation in Canada, essay writing service can help you learn how to prepare an outline. When traveling, students must plan their trip months before taking the initiative to travel.

Planning allows students to acquire ample time to compare flight charges, book their accommodations, and take advantage of any deals that may be available. Early planning also allows students to prepare for their finances and determine ways to source the money required for travel.

  1. Travel with friends.

Road trips for college students are very common, and the company and fun involved would be enough to convince students to participate. College is the best time to forge friendships and create beautiful memories with your companions. Solo travel can be boring and expensive, and most students may not have the most fun from the experience.

Traveling with friends allows college students to experience various places at an affordable cost due to cost sharing. Through various applications such as Splitwise, group travel becomes more manageable since it allows students to track their expenses and split them among their travel companions.

  1. Use public transportation.
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After long academic sessions, most students cannot wait to reward themselves with a travel break to a different state or continent. The anticipation causes students to get excited, and most students may decide to reward themselves with complementary and high-end travel deals that include private transportation. However, private transportation is almost twice the cost of public transportation, which would be uneconomical for students.

Public transportation allows students to save and utilize the money for other activities. It also allows students to have a first-hand experience of the country. Students also get more views of their destinations and may get time to read a chapter from their favorite books.

  1. Conduct your research.

Being in an unfamiliar territory can be very challenging, especially with limited information. Research allows you to have the upper hand and gain more knowledge about your destination. Before traveling, students must conduct comprehensive research on the travel conditions, accommodation within the area, level of security, amount of money one can get daily, and other considerations. Comprehensive research may allow students to unlock various deals and information crucial for travel.

  1. Take advantage of student discounts.

As a student, many people, institutions, and businesses favor you. Being a student can be very challenging, and most businesses recognize that, hence offering student deals and discounts. What better time to take advantage of the deals than during travel?

Students should access discounts in accommodation areas and hotels they expect to stay at. Travel agencies and companies also offer student discounts, allowing them to save significantly on their travel.

Travel hacks for students

  1. Cook for yourself

This may seem like a bummer for some students since it is the last thing on their minds. However, the immense advantage that cooking for yourself would bring is an easy sale point that does not require much persuasion. Traveling to a new place can be challenging, especially due to the unpredictability of a new area. Cooking for yourself is an effective student travel hack since it allows the student to save money. It also reduces the chance of food poisoning and maintains the student’s health. Money saved during the process can be used to treat yourself to a classy meal in a fancy restaurant.

  1. Avoid overpacking.
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You may have already nodded to this since you have been a culprit in this several times. It is interesting how light packing for a four-day vacation can translate to two large suitcases. Overpacking can be challenging for students since it makes their trips more tedious as they try to carry their bulky luggage. Light packing allows students to enjoy their stay and reduce the payable baggage fees. Ensure your luggage is within the weight limit, and only allow for items crucial for travel.

  1. Make copies of your passports, IDs, and tickets.

The rate of unprecedented accidents that occur when traveling is very high, and students must be well-prepared to ensure they have backups for all situations. Passports, IDs, and travel tickets can be easily misplaced. To avoid any inconvenience, you must make copies of all your necessary documents. This allows students to prepare for any unexpected situation. Having your student ID is also crucial since it allows you to utilize all student discounts that may be encountered.

  1. Use hostels and guesthouses.

Travel can be very interesting since it allows students to interact with others and students from various parts of the world. Luckily, there are many cheap places for college students to travel that provide hostels and guesthouses for traveling students. Hostels and guesthouses are cheaper as compared to hotels and allow students to save significantly while also increasing their chances of interacting with fellow students during their vacations and getting a better feel of the city and country.

Budget travel benefits

  1. Longer travel durations and exploring more places

Traveling can be very expensive, requiring meticulous planning for students to ensure they can sustain their hobby for the selected travel period. Budget-friendly travel destinations allow students to experience their selected vacation areas longer. Having a suitable student budget also allows a student to explore more areas since proper planning leaves students with more money to spend as they desire.

  1. Learning accountability and responsibility.

The toughest life lessons are learned in gruesome situations. It may be challenging to push yourself from your comfort zone, and therefore, the learnable lessons are significantly reduced. Creating a bucket list of possible areas to visit and following through with your ambitions allows students to learn responsibility and accountability. Students are forced to effectively budget their money based on the expected activities they look forward to. When traveling, students also learn economics as they must forego some decisions to stay effective. Budget traveling teaches students crucial financial skills to help them through their lives.

  1. Gaining a taste for local delicacies.
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When budget traveling, eating at fancy restaurants is overwritten since it requires significant loads of cash that students may be unable to keep up with. Cooking for yourself and eating at local eateries can be alternative options. When eating at local eateries, students effectively learn the culture of the area and the staple foods eaten within a given area. Local eateries allow students to experience the food science and history of given areas and experience the authentic taste of local delicacies. Students get to experience various dishes at an affordable rate.

  1. Affordable travel experiences make students less of a target.

Research is paramount for students before visiting various places since it ensures that students are well-conversant with the area and learn areas to avoid. The crime rate in tourist attraction areas is significantly high, and most people have been discouraged from traveling since they are easy targets for burglary. Budget traveling allows students to blend in with the individuals easily since they do not look flashy. Students, therefore, become less targeted by thieves and can successfully enjoy their stay without fear of ill actions.

  1. Enhancing creativity.

Squeezed budgets have a way of invoking creativity among people. Under a strict budget, it is easy to discover brands that you often brushed off and reap the benefits from their affordability. Likewise, college student vacations usually have strict budgets that students must learn to juggle. Student budgets allow them to be creative with their accommodation, food selection, and visiting places. Students discover incredible deals that allow them to get the best experience at an affordable price. Moreover, students develop a third eye for discounts, thus allowing them to create a unique and remarkable experience.


College life should not only revolve around academics. Travel is a good technique to bring play into your academic experience. Finances do not have to be the reason for you to hold back on your dream to travel the world. Student articles about travel allow students to discover the best destinations to visit on a friendly budget and make the most memories from their college life. Writing services allow students to delegate their writing assignments so they have much to time to travel. With the above-highlighted tips, students can effectively plan their next summer or spring break and tick one destination off their bucket list.


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