The Ones Within Anime Returns for Suspenseful Season 2 Release Date

“The Ones Within – Genome [Jikkyouchuu]” returns with its much-anticipated Season 2, continuing the thrilling saga of Akatsuki Iride and his fellow gamers. This season, produced by the acclaimed Studio Silver Link and directed by the visionary Shino Onuma, promises to elevate the series to new heights, blending suspense, strategy, and the unbreakable spirit of camaraderie.

Season 2 seamlessly picks up from the cliffhanger left by its predecessor, into the complexities of the live-streamed game, Naka no Hito Genome. The stakes are higher, the challenges more intricate, and the players’ resolve is put to the ultimate test as they navigate through the game’s enigmatic landscape.

The Ones Within Anime Season 2 Release Date

The Ones Within Anime Season 2 Release Date

The introduction of new characters disrupts the established dynamics, injecting fresh energy into the storyline. These individuals, unlike the original cast, are not seasoned gamers but ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Their presence adds a layer of unpredictability, as each episode unravels more of the overarching mystery.

The Ones Within’s charm partly lies in its authentic representation of gaming culture. The narrative is peppered with technical terms and concepts that resonate with gamers and non-gamers alike, offering a glimpse into the digital realm’s intricacies.

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NameThe Ones Within
GenreScience fiction, psychological thriller
Directed byShino Ōnuma
Written byTōko Machida
Licensed byAniplex of America
Original runJuly 13, 2019 – present
Episodes12 (Season 1) and 12+ (Season 2)
Light novelKyo Shirodaira
MangaRen Tsuruga
Main charactersAkatsuki Iride, Karuizawa Karin, Onigasaki Kai, Inaba Himiko, Kudou Anya


Paca, the enigmatic mascot of the game, returns with more secrets and a deeper connection to the game’s core. This character, with its distinctive charm, continues to be a source of guidance and mystery, endearing itself to the audience and becoming more than just a sidekick.

For enthusiasts and newcomers to The Ones Within, MyAnimeList serves as the go-to platform for episode updates, character bios, and fan discussions. It’s a treasure trove of information that keeps the community connected and informed.

will there be a season 2 of another anime

Is there a season 2 to the ones within?

Led once again by director Shino Onuma, season two resumes the fascinating story of gamers Akatsuki, Karin, Kaikoku and their cohorts as they navigate unforeseen challenges in a virtual world. Their bond of loyalty and humor in the face of uncertainty represents some of the best of human nature.

Premiering in January 2022, this new season offers fans the gift of revisiting beloved characters and becoming reinvested in their quests. The creativity of the writers in crafting these scenarios is a testament to the artistic impulse within us all to share stories that enlighten and connect.

Is there an anime Season 2?

After the success of the first season in 2019, the producers at Studio Silver Link recently announced there will be a second season of The Ones Within airing in 2022. This gives fans another opportunity to connect with the endearing characters and become absorbed in their thought-provoking adventures. The new season will likely explore the team’s continued efforts to understand the complex virtual world they are immersed in.

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How many episodes does the ones within have?

The inventive anime series The Ones Within has clearly resonated with many viewers since its premiere in 2019. This imaginative show’s first season spins an engaging sci-fi mystery tale across 12 episodes. With runtimes around 24 minutes, each chapter leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the next.

We can credit the creative team at Studio Silver Link for crafting such an appealing story and world. Under the artful direction of Shino Onuma and Kento Shinoyama, skilled writers, animators and voice actors collaborated to bring characters to life.

Protagonist Akatsuki and his fellow adventurers Karin, Kaikoku, Himiko, Anya, Yuzu, Zakuro and Makino demonstrate loyalty and humor in the face uncertain scenarios. Their bond, as they navigate challenges in a virtual game that takes unexpected turns, represents some of the best of human nature.


Who is Paka in the ones within?

We meet this endearing creature within the virtual game trapping the human protagonists. As they face challenges testing their emotional and intellectual mettle, Paka lends a helping paw or wing to guide them along. Fan consensus deems Paka the show’s most adorable character.

While Paka’s origins and abilities remain cryptic, an aura of benign intent elicits trust and affection. In a landscape rife with crushing uncertainty, Paka signals hope – perhaps this world offers more than cruelty after all.

With comic relief and compassion, Paka gained instant popularity for counterbalancing the series’ pervasive anxiety. By conjuring an uplifting companion when one is most needed, the show’s artists kindle our highest imaginative and humanitarian impulses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Season 2 of The Ones Within?

Ans: Yes, Season 2 premiered on January 6, 2022, continuing the adventures of Akatsuki Iride and his companions.

How many episodes are in The Ones Within?

Ans: The first season consisted of 12 episodes, with the second season following suit.

Who is Paka in The Ones Within?

Ans: Paka is a mysterious, winged creature that guides the players through their in-game journey.


The Ones Within Anime Season 2 is a testament to the evolving anime landscape, where storytelling and character development are as crucial as the action unfolding on screen. With a dedicated fan base and a storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, the series is a standout in the anime world.

For more insights and updates, follow the series on social media and join the conversation using hashtags like #TheOnesWithinSeason2 and #NakaNoHitoGenome. As the characters face new trials and uncover the game’s secrets, one thing is certain: The Ones Within continues to be a riveting watch that pushes the boundaries of the anime genre.

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