Will Popular Anime Gangsta Ever Get a Second Season in 2024?

The anime adaptation of “Gangsta,” which debuted in 2015, quickly captured the attention of viewers globally, weaving a narrative rich in action and drama. As enthusiasts of the series await the release of season 2, what is known and what can be expected from the forthcoming installment.

“Gangsta” unfolds within the confines of Ergastulum, a city rife with crime and corruption. It chronicles the lives of Worick and Nic, two mercenaries colloquially known as “handymen,” who navigate the perilous balance between law enforcement and the underworld. The anime is lauded for its intricate storytelling and character development, traits it shares with its manga counterpart created by Kohske.

The inaugural season, spanning 12 episodes, introduced audiences to the gritty reality of Worick and Nic’s existence. The production, helmed by Manglobe studio with Shukō Murase directing and Shinichi Inotsume writing, concluded in September 2015, leaving a lasting impression for its stark portrayal of action and seinen drama.

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

Gangsta Season 2 Release Date

The path to “Gangsta” season 2 has been fraught with uncertainty, primarily due to the bankruptcy of Manglobe. However, in 2017, a beacon of hope emerged as Studio GoHands took the reins, suggesting a revival of the series. While an official release date remains elusive, there is rumor that the new season could grace screens in 2024, though this is subject to change, particularly considering the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on production schedules.

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Peaky Blinders Season 7 2024

PublishedMarch 2010 – August 2018
Volumes8 (Completed)
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
SerializedMonthly Comic @ Bunch (2010–2017)
 Monthly Comic Garden (2017–2018)
Anime Adapt.Yes (12 episodes)
AiredJuly 2015 – September 2015

Character Dynamics in Gangsta

At the heart of “Gangsta” are its protagonists, Worick and Nic, complemented by a cast that includes Alex, a woman with a tumultuous past, and Dr. Theo, the duo’s medical confidant. The series also features a tapestry of secondary characters, each contributing to the overarching narrative and enriching the world of Ergastulum.

Current Status and Future Prospects

The transition of “Gangsta” to Studio GoHands has rekindled expectations for a second season and the continuation of the manga series. Studio GoHands, recognized for its distinctive visual flair, is expected to infuse the new season with its signature style, much to the anticipation of fans.

will there be a season 2 of gangsta anime

Why did Gangsta anime end?

The demise of Studio Manglobe had been brewing for years. The talented but often financially unstable studio was best known for acclaimed series like Samurai Champloo. Attempting to recreate success, Manglobe poured resources into the stylish and ambitious Gangsta adaptation. Unfortunately, the niche series lacked the mainstream commercial appeal needed to sustain the studio. Declining profits and debts mounted until bankruptcy was unavoidable for Manglobe. Gangsta thus ended abruptly, with story arcs unfinished and its gritty world left largely unexplored after a mere 12 episodes.

How good is Gangsta anime?

While saddening for fans, Gangsta’s early end was not entirely surprising given economic realities in the anime industry. The gripping but unconventional show lacked mass marketability. Additionally, anime studios often lack long-term financial stability, with razor thin margins and reliance on freelance animators exacerbating economic difficulties when shows underperform. The collapse of Manglobe is far from an isolated case in the high-risk anime production business. Still, for fans drawn into Gangsta’s dark alleys and complex “Handymen” antiheroes, the show’s early demise remains a disappointment.

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Who is the main antagonist of Gangsta?

Gangsta’s early conclusion left numerous loose ends fans are still eager to see resolved. Major antagonists like ruthless mob boss Barry Abbott and the mysterious mercenary group Celebrer had barely begun scheming, leaving their arcs unfinished. Similarly, secrets still shroud the origins of Nicolas’ mysterious superhuman strength and striking tags branding.

With Worick and Nicolas themselves just starting to confront buried traumas, their development as characters still has far to go. Will District Police Chief Chad manage to clean up squalid Ergastulum? Will Daniel Monroe challenge his father Barry’s criminal rule? The abrupt cessation of the anime provided none of these answers.

What country is Gangsta set?

For now the 12 episode Gangsta anime remains in limbo – neither concluded nor cancelled outright. Like its vagabond protagonists Worick and Nicolas, the show’s destiny feels unresolved. Skilled but flawed, vibrant yet dark, there remains more of its gritty story left to tell. Perhaps with enough fan interest, sympathetic backers may allow Gangsta to get back up from its premature end and re-enter the rainy alleys of Ergastulum once more. Until then, the engaging but incomplete series stands as a cult favorite cut short by economic realities, rather than any weakness of vision or passion.


FAQs About Gangsta

Why did the Gangsta anime conclude?

Ans: The anime’s initial run was cut short due to the unfortunate bankruptcy of Manglobe. The financial challenges faced by the studio underscore the volatile nature of anime production economics. Despite the setback, the series’ acclaim has fueled discussions about its potential continuation.

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How is Gangsta regarded among anime series?

Ans: While personal opinions vary, “Gangsta” is generally celebrated for its compelling fusion of action, drama, and moral complexity. It has garnered positive feedback for its character depth, narrative engagement, and visual execution, securing a place as a respected entry in the anime genre.

Who stands as Gangsta’s central antagonist?

Ans: Barry Abbott emerges as a key adversary in “Gangsta,” leading the Monroe family with an iron fist. His confrontations with protagonists Worick and Nic add a layer of intensity to the series’ conflict dynamics.

What is the setting of Gangsta?

The series is set in the fictional city of Ergastulum, a melting pot of cultural influences, mirroring the diversity of major urban landscapes. The setting is a character in its own right, providing a backdrop that is both familiar and intriguingly novel.

For further updates and discussions on “Gangsta” season 2, fans can engage with the community on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, and anticipation continue to grow.

Conclusion: The Wait for Gangsta Season 2

The allure of “Gangsta” lies in its raw depiction of a world where the lines between right and wrong are blurred. As the anime community looks forward to the next chapter, it is the dedication of the new production team to the original material that offers the promise of a sequel that honors the essence of the series.

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