Did Aespa Members Have Plastic Surgery? Check The Reality

Aespa has rapidly emerged as one of K-pop’s most exciting new acts, taking the industry by storm since their debut in 2020. Formed by SM Entertainment, the group consists of four talented members – Karina, Giselle, Winter and NingNing. They stand out for their futuristic avatar concept and skillful blend of pop, hip-hop and electronic music flavors. However, as a high-profile girl group, Aespa has also faced scrutiny of the members’ looks, with plastic surgery speculation running rampant online.

Aespa is unique in that they have a virtual counterpart for each member. These virtual members exist in a digital world and interact with the real members, adding a futuristic and innovative concept to their music and videos.

Since their debut, Aespa has quickly gained popularity both in South Korea and internationally. Their music videos have garnered millions of views, and they have a growing fanbase.

K-pop performers often deal with intense critique over their visuals, facing pressure to achieve idealized, impeccable beauty standards. Fans and media outlets obsess over stars’ perceived “transformations,” analyzing pre-debut and current photos for evidence of cosmetic enhancements. While common, this excessive dissection of idols’ faces and bodies reflects unhealthy fixations.

Each case deserves nuanced discussion acknowledging the culture of plastic surgery in South Korea versus respect for individuals’ privacy and choices. With Aespa, it’s important to examine the context, allegations and defenses surrounding their visuals without reaching definitive conclusions.

Who is Aespa?

Aespa is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment. Born in 2000-01, the Aespa members were teens when recruited by SM, the industry’s most prestigious agency. As newcomers, they endured training rigorously for years before debuting. Photos from their high school days show cute girls still growing into their looks.

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Members: The group consists of four members:

  1. Karina (Yu Ji Min): She is the leader of the group and is known for her dancing, rapping, and vocal skills.
  2. Winter (Kim Min Jeong): Recognized for her vocal abilities, she plays a significant role in the group’s songs.
  3. Giselle (Uchinaga Aeri): She is the main rapper of the group and is also known for her vocal skills.
  4. NingNing (Ning Yizhuo): A main vocalist, she is known for her powerful voice.

Did Aespa Have Plastic Surgery?

While it was once an open secret that many K-pop stars underwent cosmetic procedures, the question arises: Is Aespa an exception? Netizens and experts have been divided on this topic, with some pointing out differences in pre-debut photos and others defending the members’ natural beauty.

After debut, some fans claimed Aespa members showed obvious signs of cosmetic work like eye/nose/jaw procedures. But it’s normal for early adulthood to shape facial features. Weight loss, skincare, and professional styling also enhance idols’ maturity and glow-up.

Still, Korea’s competitive beauty standards incentivize surgical tweaks. An influential cosmetology expert, Dr. Charles S. Lee, has suggested certain Aespa members show possible signs of procedures. Each case warrants deeper analysis.

Now in their early 20s, the members continue maturing into their looks with stylish fashion and glamorous makeup. They owe fans no explanation for their beauty. As Aespa cements their place atop Korea’s competitive music scene, they relies most on their stellar vocals, dancing and stage charisma to make their mark.

What Cosmetic Surgeries Aespa Had?

Karina, the group’s leader, trains extensively as a dancer. Lee believes she underwent double eyelid surgery for a more alert look and had her nose raised subtly. However, Karina’s nose shape appears very similar in childhood photos. Fans defend against rhinoplasty rumors by pointing to her nose-pressing habit as evidence it’s natural and pliable.

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Meanwhile, Lee indicates Giselle may have undergone the most transformations out of the group, speculating about eyelid surgery, possible cheekbone slimming, jaw and nose procedures. As Aespa’s main rapper, she needed to exude swagger and edge. If Giselle tweaked her look, it may have been to align with her stage persona.

NingNing is praised as the most “natural” Aespa member by Lee’s assessment, with only minor alleged refinements to her overall facial shape. And Winter’s pure, delicate beauty also seems largely intrinsic, though Lee suggested possible small tweaks like eyelid changes.

Of course, only the Aespa members themselves know the truth about any private aesthetic choices. K-pop performers face immense pressure to achieve unreal standards of beauty, especially rookie girl groups. If Aespa did have procedures early on, they deserve empathy.

Yet it’s also important not to casually accuse them without evidence or spread rumors. There are many possible factors behind their visual evolution besides plastic surgery. Aespa’s talents and teamwork should take center stage over invasive gossip about their faces.

  • Karina: A well-known expert in the cosmetology industry, Charles S. Lee, suggested that Karina might have had double eyelids surgery, raised her nose, and reduced her jawbone.
  • Winter: Charles S. Lee indicated that Winter might have had surgeries for doubling the eyelids, lifting the nose, and narrowing the jaw.
  • Giselle: Giselle is believed to have undergone the most transformations, including eyelid surgery, nose lift, jaw reduction, and cheek fat removal.
  • NingNing: NingNing is considered the most “natural” member, with suggestions of rhinoplasty and jaw reduction.

Aespa Nose Job

Netizens have defended Karina against allegations of a nose job. They provided evidence showing Karina pressing the tip of her nose, a gesture believed to prove the nose’s authenticity. Photos from her high school days also show her with the same nose structure.

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Aespa Face Lift

There’s no concrete evidence to suggest that any Aespa member has had a facelift. However, speculations based on pre-debut and current photos continue to circulate.

Aespa Over the Years Transformation

Over the years, Aespa members have undoubtedly transformed, as seen in their pre-debut and current photos. While some changes can be attributed to makeup, styling, and natural aging, the debate over plastic surgery remains.


Whether Aespa members have undergone plastic surgery or not, they continue to captivate fans with their talent and beauty. It’s essential to approach such topics with sensitivity and respect for individual choices.


1. Who are the members of Aespa?

Aespa consists of four members: Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing.

2. Has SM Entertainment commented on Aespa’s plastic surgery allegations?

As of now, SM Entertainment has not publicly addressed any plastic surgery claims related to Aespa.

3. What surgeries are Karina alleged to have undergone?

Speculations suggest double eyelid surgery, nose lift, and jawbone reduction.

4. Is NingNing the most “natural” member of Aespa?

According to some experts, NingNing has undergone the least amount of cosmetic procedures among the members.

5. How have netizens reacted to the plastic surgery allegations?

The reactions are mixed, with some defending the members and others pointing out differences in their pre-debut photos.

6. What evidence is there against Karina’s nose job allegations?

Netizens have shared photos of Karina pressing her nose tip and her high school photos to defend her against the allegations.

7. Are plastic surgeries common among K-pop idols?

While many K-pop stars have undergone cosmetic procedures, it’s essential to approach each case individually without generalizing.

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