Did Tom Cruise Go Through Plastic Surgery: See Before and After Pics

Tom Cruise becomes the talk of the town on social media, fueling rumors of plastic surgery. His visits to a Birmingham curry house in 2021 and the Miami Formula One Grand Prix in 2023, where the actor, now 60, showcased a noticeably swollen face, have reignited debates about cosmetic surgeries.

As reports suggest Tom Cruise might be stepping back from the Mission: Impossible series, his timeless appearance continues to trigger many. While Cruise stands as one of the most iconic actors globally, whispers about cosmetic interventions being the key to his ever-youthful look persist.

His distinct “puffy face” on several occasions has only intensified these speculations, with many online users pointing to apparent treatments.  This article delves into the various speculations and expert opinions to clear the confusion.

Let’s uncover the truth behind Tom Cruise plastic surgery.

Did Tom Cruise Have Botox?

Tom Cruise’s age-defying appearance has often led to speculations about possible Botox treatments. For instance, during certain events, his forehead appeared exceptionally smooth, and his eyebrows seemed slightly lowered, which some believe could be indications of Botox use.

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Moreover, his appearance at a baseball game in 2021 with a notably puffy face further fueled these rumors. However, it’s essential to note that Tom Cruise has neither confirmed nor denied undergoing Botox or any other cosmetic treatments. As of now, any claims about him having Botox are purely speculative.


Tom Cruise’s Nose Job

As time passed there have been noticeable changes in Tom Cruise’s nose, leading to speculations about him possibly undergoing rhinoplasty. Some believe he might have had functional rhinoplasty, especially around the pre-2005 era.

This procedure might have focused on straightening his nasal bones, either for aesthetic reasons or to address a deviated septum. Observations from older photos suggest that his nose appeared slightly more crooked in the past, but around 2005, it began to show more contour and looked straighter.

However, it’s crucial to consider that these are speculations. Tom Cruise has consistently denied undergoing any surgical procedures, and as of now, there’s no concrete fact to confirm that he had a nose job.

Truth Behind Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery
Truth Behind Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Tom Cruise’s Changing Face Over The Years

Tom Cruise, one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, has seen his appearance evolve over the decades, leading to much speculation and intrigue. From his breakout roles in “Risky Business” (1983) and “Top Gun” (1986) to his recent appearances, the actor’s face has undergone noticeable changes.

1. Early Career

Cruise made his Hollywood breakthrough in the 1980s with films like “Risky Business” and “Top Gun.” During this period, he sported a youthful look typical of his age.

2.1990s to Early 2000s

By the 1990s, Cruise had established himself as a leading Hollywood star. His appearance began to mature, but he still retained many of his youthful features. One significant publicized change was his dental treatment; he had ceramic braces around the age of 40, which he showcased at the “Minority Report” premiere in 2002.

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3. Late 2000s to 2010s

As he approached his 50s, there were subtle changes in his facial features, especially around the nose and eye area. Despite these changes, Cruise consistently denied undergoing any cosmetic procedures.

However, certain events, like his appearance at the 2016 Baftas, where he displayed puffy cheeks, led to increased speculation about possible cosmetic treatments.

4. 2020s

In recent years, particularly after his appearances in 2021 and 2022, the actor’s face has been a significant topic of discussion. His face appeared swollen on certain occasions, leading many to believe he might have undergone cosmetic treatments. However, these changes could also be attributed to natural aging, weight fluctuations, or other factors.

Throughout his career, Tom Cruise’s ageless appearance has been a subject of fascination. While there have been numerous speculations about possible cosmetic interventions, the actor has neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

As a result, the reasons behind the changes in his appearance over the years remain a blend of natural aging, potential treatments, and, of course, Hollywood magic.

Expert’s Opinions About Tom Cruise’s Plastic Surgery

Different experts have weighed in on the speculations surrounding Tom Cruise’s seemingly ageless appearance. While the actor himself has neither confirmed nor denied undergoing any cosmetic procedures, several plastic surgeons and experts have shared their opinions based on their observations:

1. Dr. Richard Westreich

This plastic surgeon speculated that Cruise might have spent up to $50,000 on cosmetic treatments, including heavy Botox applications. He also mentioned that while the actor might have had treatments like Botox, it’s not necessarily the case that he used fillers.

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2. Dr. Frank Agullo (Dr. Pam Agullo)

Dr. Agullo suggested that Cruise might have had too many fillers, especially in the cheek area. He pointed out signs of what he termed “filler abuse” in the actor’s face.

3. General Observations

Many experts have noted the changes in Cruise’s nose over the years, leading to speculations of functional rhinoplasty. This procedure might have been focused on straightening his nasal bones, either for aesthetic reasons or to address a deviated septum.

4. Recent Appearances

Cruise’s appearance at certain events, like the baseball game in 2021 where his face seemed notably puffy, has led experts to believe he might have undergone some form of facial surgery, most likely fillers. However, the actor’s face returned to its usual chiseled look a few weeks later, possibly indicating swelling from a surgical procedure or other treatments.

It’s essential to note that all these opinions are based on external observations and speculations. Without direct confirmation from Tom Cruise or his representatives, it’s impossible to state with certainty whether he has undergone any plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments.


While Tom Cruise’s ageless appearance continues to baffle many, the truth about his possible plastic surgeries remains a mystery. The actor has consistently denied undergoing any surgical procedures, leaving fans and experts to only speculate.


1. Has Tom Cruise admitted to having plastic surgery?

No, Tom Cruise has denied undergoing any plastic surgery and stated in a 2012 Playboy interview that he never would.

2. What are the speculations about Tom Cruise’s nose?

Some believe he might have had functional rhinoplasty to straighten his nasal bones.

3. Did Tom Cruise have Botox treatments?

Speculations suggest he might have had Botox, especially given the smooth appearance of his forehead in certain instances.

4. What do experts say about Cruise’s use of fillers?

Some experts believe he might have overused fillers, while others think he hasn’t used them at all.

5. Has Tom Cruise had any dental treatments?

Yes, he had ceramic braces when he was 40, which he showcased at the Minority Report premiere in 2002.

6. What was the reaction to Cruise’s appearance at the end of 2021?

His face appeared swollen, leading to speculations of possible surgical procedures or treatments.

7. How has Tom Cruise managed to maintain his youthful appearance?

While many believe it’s due to cosmetic procedures, the actual reason remains unknown as Cruise has not confirmed any such treatments.

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