Filian Face Reveal 2023 – Real Name, Age, Net Worth

Filian is a well-known Social Media Personality who is famous for streaming VRChat on her Twitch Channel. Due to her popularity, she has gained millions of followers on her various streaming platforms. Continue reading to know whether Filian Face Reveal in 2023 or not.

Filian is a Virtual 3D Twitch Streamer that loves to play Fruit Snack Goblin and a variety of games. Besides this, the girl owns a YouTube Channel, Tik Tok, Discord, and Twitter with the name Filian. The gamer joined the Youtube platform in July 2021 and managed to get over 9,00,000 subscribers in a span of one year.

Until now, Filian uses an animated character to represent herself during Streams. Now, she gained traction due to her Social media post which is regarded as her revelation post. Fans of hers are excited about the Filian Face reveal announcement. Keep reading to know about Filian’s Face name, her Real name, her age, and more.

Has Filian revealed her face in 2023?

Filian has a sweet and magical voice. Besides being in her mid-20s, she manages the heart of millions of people. After hearing her voice during streaming, fans are dying to see her face.

There is hype on the Internet that Filian has finally revealed her face. Is it true?

There are even many videos on YouTube with the title ” Dis Filian Accidentally Face revealed?”

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The reality is that besides so many requests from the fans, she has not revealed her face yet to the audience. There are numerous blogs that identify Filan by a picture of an unidentified person. All these are false rumors that are circulating on the Internet and Filian herself denied this false information.

Presently, the gamer does not feel comfortable exposing her face to the public and as a fan, we should respect her decision of privacy.

Real Name of Filian

Filian Face Reveal

Filian is a very active Streamer who loves to play the Fruit Snack Goblin game a lot. She used to play the game by the name Filian. However, nobody knows her real name. She has never used her real name on any Social Media or Videos. It looks like Filian is a very private person who used to interact with her audience by the game character’s name.

Filian Wiki/Bio, Family, and Education

The gamer’s birth date and place are yet to reveal however, she is presently staying in the United States. She has completed her primary education at a well-known school and presently pursuing her graduation through a renowned College in the United States.

At the time of writing, there is no information available regarding her family on the web. Filian has never opened up about her details such as her hometown, education, and schooling on any Social Media of hers.


Filian debuted her career by creating a Twitch Channel in May 2021. After this, she frequently appears playing a range of well-known video games. Throughout her career, she has streamed a variety of games that include Beat Saber. Elen Ring, Surgery Simulator, and more. However, she got traction by playing one game- Fruit snack goblin.

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Due to constant hard work and dedication, her fan following started growing rapidly. She got over 1,00,000 followers in just 9 months. After this, she created her YouTube channel where Fillian used to post highlights from her Twitch feeds.


Many of Filian’s fans do believe that her way of talking is like an Asian’s 20 girl. Presently she is living in the United States. So it is safe to assume that her Ethnicity is Asian, however, it is yet to be confirmed by Filian.

Filian’s Age

According to some Online portals, her date of birth is estimated to be in the 20s or 30s. The information about her precise date of birth is not available on the web yet.


In one of her YouTube videos, while talking to her fellow gamer, Filian revealed that she had a girlfriend. Although she said that it is not approved by another side.

Filian’s Net Worth in 2023

Filian’s Net Worth is yet to explore. Twitch channel is her primary source of income. Besides this, she used to make money from subscriptions and private sponsorships. According to SocialBlade, the website that keeps records of her earnings and Subscribers count, her estimated monthly earnings are between $15,200 to $243,700.

The annual Networth of this female streamer is estimated to be around $3 Million at the time of writing.

That’s everything regarding Filian face reveal. Thanks for reading!!


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