Olivia Pacino Disability, Surgery, Age, Boyfriend, Social Media and More

Olivia Pacino is an eminent name in the industry and is better known as the daughter of a Legendary Actor that belongs to the Hollywood Industry. She is an iconic figure in the film industry that created a stir on the Internet due to memorable performances in timeless classics like Scarface, The God Father, and Serpico. There is hype on Social Media that Olivia is facing a Disability issue.

Being a Celebrity kid, it is very common that the kids also get fame. However, there are some individuals who have gained a reputation themselves in Music, Acting, and other careers. Olivia Pacino is one of them and fans are interested to know about her personal life.

Fans are curious to know What Olivia Pacino does, her boyfriend, her Acting debut, likings, hobbies, and more. Does Olivia Pacino have a Disability? This post will unleash everything about Olivia Pacino in detail.

Early Life

Olivia Pacino Disability

Olivia Pacino came to this world on January 25, 2001. She was born and raised in the United States of America. Olivia is pursuing graduation from Fusion Academy Miracle Mile. She is in the spotlight since birth as the daughter of the high profile Celebrities. She was born with learning Disabilities, so it challenging for her to grasp anything easily in her mind.

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Body Measurements

Olivia is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has a body weight of 50 kg. Olivia has brown hair with beautiful blue eyes.


Olivia Pacino Disability

Her father Alfredo James Pacino is also a big star who owns a great list of Awards and Nominations that includes- Academy Awards, Two Tony Awards, and two Primetime Emmys. He stands among the two who achieved the Triple Crown of Acting.

Olivia’s mother Beverly Heather D’Angelo is also an actress known for her appearance in Nation Lampoon’s Vacation Films.

Olivia Pacino shares a special bond with her twin brother named Anton. As of 2023, she is 22 years old and has a Zodiac sign of Aquarius. Her parents never married each other and becomes pregnant at the age of 48.

Pacino’s parents separated ways when she was too young. While the reason for their separation is unknown, it affected the kids a lot. After the breakup, they started shielding their kids from media attention. Olivia and Anton hardly made any public appearances. Anton is very reserved. He is not even active on Social Media platforms like her sister.

Does Olivia Pacino face Disability?


As a child, Olivia faces lots of difficulties in learning anything in the traditional Schools of the United States. She felt compelled to compete with her twin brother Anthon. However, her learning disabilities got improved when she gets enrolled in Fusion Academy which is a prestigious Institution in Los Angeles designed for Students who face difficulties in traditional Schools.

Olivia Struggled with learning and she even explains about her learning disability in an interview. But when her mother enrolled her in Fusion Academy, she was finally able to overcome her disability. Fusion Academy is a School that provides one-to-one Education on over 250 Courses. Olivia completed her graduation in May 2019 with good grades.

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There was a difficult phase in Olivia’s life when she was unable to learn anything easily just like her brother. But her continuous dedication and hard work helped Olivia to overcome this situation.


Being a Celebrity kid, she inherited a passion for the same Artistic field. She also enjoys playing Video games and live-streaming them. She is present on Twitch where she used to engage with her followers by playing Video games like Call of Duty,

Besides this, she honed her acting skills by studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City. Like her parents, Olivia is really passionate about her Acting Career and preparing herself for her future debut in the Entertainment Industry.

Olivia has already appeared in an episode of the Amazon web Series in the role of Hunters that aired in February 2020.  Besides this, she is a Model and Photographer.


Olivia Pacino is presently dating Ryan Harley who is a rapper and Musician by profession. She is in love with Ryan and often seems to share pictures of them together. These lovebirds are together for three years and she keeps admiring her boyfriend Ryan on Social Media platforms as well as in Interviews. Ryan Harley has created his Instagram Account as @NoNameMadeIt.

Due to their undeniable love and commitment, it seems that the big day when the couple marry will come soon.

Olivia’s Social Media Presence

Olivia is very much active on Instagram since 2019. She has an amassed fan following of 15.8k followers on Instagram. Olivia used to share her photos with her boyfriend on her account.

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Recently she created a YouTube Channel where she used to give updates on her life. This multi-talented girl gained a significant number of followers in a short span of time.


Since her career is just beginning, it is difficult to determine her Net worth at the time of writing. Being a child of Superstars, she is already living a luxurious life.

Unknown Facts About Olivia Pacino

1) Olivia and her brother were born via IVF

At the age of 49, Beverly conceived them via IVF. Although the pregnancy journey was critical, she gave birth to twins on January 25, 2001, at Cedars Medical Center, Los Angeles.

2) Olivia has a half Sister from her father’s previous Relationship

Very few people are aware of the fact that Olivia has an older sister named Julie. Julie Marie Pacino was born on October 16, 1989. She is the daughter of Alfred Pacino and his ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant who is an acting teacher by profession. Julie is pursuing her career as a director and directed many projects up to date.

3) After Separation who owns the Custody of Olivia and Anthon

After the separation in the year 2003, Al Pacino filed suit in the family court in New York for the Joint Custody of his kids. Luckily the court granted them joint custody of their kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Olivia Pacino’s mom?

Ans: Beverly Heather D’Angelo is a well-known actress that is better known for her role as Ellen Griswold in National Lampoon’s Vacation Series. Besides this, she is the granddaughter of great Artitect Dwight Smith who designed the Ohio Stadium.

Q: Is Olivia Pacino on Instagram?

Ans: Yes, Olivia is very active on her Instagram Account which was created in the year 2019. Se used to upload beautiful and exoting pictures of her and gained a sizeable fan following.

Q: Where is Olivia Pacino now?

Ans: Olivia is presently residing in California.

It’s a complete rundown of Olivia Pacino Disability. Thanks for reading!!

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