Meet Heather Taras: Things You Can’t Skip About Daymond John’s Wife

Daymond John, a well-known American businessman, has worked with many companies and entrepreneurs over the years. However, his best partnership has been with his life partner, his wife Heather Taras. The pair tied the knot in 2018 and since then, they have stayed by each other’s side in all situations.

Heather Taras is an American nurse, business consultant, and entrepreneur famous for being Daymond John’s wife. Daymond John is an investor in the ABC reality series Shark Tank. He is also the CEO of a million-dollar clothing line, FUBU.

The hot couple is making a buzz on social media. Continue reading further to know everything about Heather Taras and her relationship with the business mogul Daymond John.

Who is Heather Taras?

Heather Taras John is an entrepreneur and trained nurse born on 5 February 1984 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. As of 2023, Heather Taras’ age is 39 years old. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, the mother of one is a trained nurse, though she doesn’t practice. After marrying businessman Daymond John, she quickly rose to fame. She now endorses various beauty brands and lingerie on social media.

Heather Taras with Daymond John

Quick facts on Heather Taras’s biography

Full name:                                                 Heather Taras

Nickname:                                                 Heather

Date of birth:                                             5th February 1984

Place of birth:                                            Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Age (as of 2023):                                        39 years

Zodiac sign:                                                 Aquarius

Religion:                                                      Christianity

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Nationality:                                                   American

Ethnicity:                                                      White

Current residence:                                         New York, United States

College/University:                                         Unknown

Profession:                                                     Entrepreneur, a former nurse

Siblings:                                                         One

Relationship status:                                          Married

Husband’s name:                                              Daymond John

Children:                                                          One daughter (Minka Jagger)

Net Worth:                                                        $300 million (estimated), as of 2023

Height:                                                             5 feet 5 inches (55 kg)

Weight:                                                             55 kg (121 lbs)

Body measurements:                                          34-28-38 inches (86-71-97 cm)

Complexion:                                                      Fair

Eye color:                                                          Brown

Hair color:                                                          Brown

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Instagram:                                                         @heather_john 

How did Heather Taras and Daymond John meet?

During an August 2020 interview with Contemporary Approaches, Taras stated that she had been with John for 14 years at that point. On September 23, 2016, Heather took to her Instagram page to announce that she and Daymond were engaged. She simply captioned the post, “Engaged !” In the picture, she can be seen flaunting her engagement ring.

They welcomed their first child together, daughter Minka Jagger during the same year. The FUBU CEO also has two daughters from a previous relationship.

When did the couple get married?

Just four months later, John proposed to Taras in front of a live audience during a taping of Shark Tank (though the proposal never aired on TV). “I was nervous I was proposing on set, but, really because, you know, my fiancee we’ve been together for many years, and she knows all the sharks. So I saw Kevin in the corner whispering to her about royalties and all kind of stuff when I proposed,” John told Harry Connick Jr. in 2017 on Connick’s eponymous daytime talk show.

John continued, “She said ‘yes,’ and I’m very happy about that.” The couple got married in June 2018 in an intimate ceremony in Queens, New York, as John revealed on Instagram on their fifth wedding anniversary. They got hitched in front of their closest friends and family members. Their daughter Minka also attended their wedding.

Further, Daymond revealed, “Heather and I got close because we are both private people. Our goal as a couple was to enjoy each other with as much privacy as possible. Shark Tank became a global phenomenon, social media exploded, reporters started prying into our lives, and my travel went from 50 days a year to 250 days a year.”

The business tycoon continued, “Heather never signed up for this life. And no matter how glamorous it may appear. It’s a huge adjustment to be in the public eye.”

Heather Taras
Heather with her husband and daughter

Also, John said, “When we got married. We wanted it to be just like we initially thought our life would be. Calm, private, and out of the spotlight … No big lights and cameras. Just a small gathering of our beautiful friends and family as you can see from the pics of our mothers and my guys from the hood.”

Heather Taras and Daymond also had a second wedding

Daymond and Taras also had a second wedding in Santorini, Greece. On January 1, 2019, Taras shared pictures from the pair’s Greece wedding day on her Instagram page.

“I had the honor to marry my best friend in 2018! What an exceptional year becoming Mrs. John! We had an intimate summer wedding in Santorini, Greece with family and friends,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

Heather shares a daughter with Daymond

John and Taras welcomed their first child together, daughter Minka Jagger, on March 2, 2016. She joined John’s other two daughters, Yasmeen and Destiny, from his previous relationship.

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John revealed in January 2018 that he and Minka have “daddy play dates” with fellow “Shark” Robert Herjavec’s children. “Robert was the second person in the delivery room when Minka was born, and he’s just such a loving person and father,” he said.

In March 2020, John mentioned that he was predicting a baby amid the COVID-19 pandemic due to people quarantining at home. “People gonna be home, gonna have some extra time on their hands,” John said. “A little bored, maybe, or in love. And nine months after everything is over, we’re gonna have a whole lot of babies.”

Heather Taras with her daughter, Minka Jagger

Heather Taras’s net worth

Daymond John’s wife is enjoying her career in the clothing industry thanks to her husband’s brand, FUBU. Her net worth is estimated to be $300 million. 

Heather Taras has some health issues

She has openly talked about experiencing “autoimmune struggles” and the homeopathic remedies and treatments she uses to improve her symptoms. As per her Instagram bio, she follows a gluten-free diet.

Taras told Contemporary Approaches, “Weekly, I get a general Vitamin C IV drip with several homeopathic medicines, a glutathione drip, and often I do Ozone with the UVB machine. For me, it makes the difference between having energy and being depleted for the week due to autoimmune struggles I deal with.”

Heather Taras is a fan of Dr. Oz

As a health-conscious person, Taras has expressed her admiration for Dr. Oz. She’s met him multiple times and even shared an anecdote on how she refrained from bombarding him with health questions when she saw him.

“So great running into @dr_oz! I’m a huge fan of his,” she wrote in 2019 alongside a photo with Dr. Oz, John, and daughter Minka. “Having a small child I really don’t get time to properly watch TV shows anymore, but his show has always been my absolute favorite for as long as I can remember and he is such a wonderful person to talk to.”

Heather Taras is a close friend of Coco Austin

In recent years, Heather has posted many pictures of herself with Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin on her Instagram feed. The two couples have often been on vacations together with their kids. Seemingly, the two families are pretty close.

In the year 2021, both of their families spent some quality time together in the Bahamas. Heather even shared photos from the getaway on her Instagram page. “Clear water, warm weather, good food, great company,” she wrote alongside the series of snaps.

Heather taras
Heather Taras with Coco Austin

Final words

Heather Taras is a gorgeous and energetic woman who is enjoying her career, fame, and family life. We discussed all the things that you couldn’t skip about Daymond John’s wife in this article. Hope you enjoyed this section.

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