Al Pacino Girlfriend 8 Months Pregnant! Fourth Child With 29 Years Old Girlfriend

Hollywood legend Al Pacino, who’s currently 83, has announced the pregnancy with his 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah. According to reports, Noor is eight months pregnant and the delivery is due next month.

Pacino and Noor were spotted together many times and were first linked back in April 2022. This will be Pacino’s fourth child. He already has a daughter Julie Marie (33) with his ex-girlfriend, acting coach Jan Tarrant and twins Anton and Olivia (both 22) with ex Beverly D’Angelo. Pacino also dated Lucila Polak from 2008-18 but has no children with her.

The ‘Godfather’ star has maintained a close connection with his children, noting that he wanted to be different from his father, who left him and his mother when he was two years old.

“It’s the missing link, so to speak,” he told The New Yorker in 2014. “Having children has helped a lot. I consciously knew that I didn’t want to be like my dad. I wanted to be there. I have three children. I’m responsible for them. I’m a part of their life.”

And when he can’t be a part of their life, Pacino said it was “upsetting to me and to them. And I get a lot from it”.

“It takes you out of yourself. When I do a movie, and I come back, I’m stunned for the first 20 minutes. These people are asking me to do things for them? Huh? I’m not being waited on? Wait a minute. Uh-oh, it’s about them! That action satisfies. I like it,” he added.

Noor works in the film industry after studying film in college. She got her degree from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Later, she got her master’s degree in film and TV production from the University of California, Los Angeles. She’s known for producing the films, Billy Knight, Little Death, and Brosa Nostra.

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Noor Alfallah is eight months pregnant with Hollywood legend Al Pacino

The filmmaker, Alfallah has a high-profile dating history, including Mick Jagger in 2017 and billionaire Nicola Berggruen among her former boyfriends. She was later spotted with Clint Eastwood in 2019 but clarified that there was “no relationship” between her and Clint.

As the child will pop out anytime soon, Al Pacino will be 100 when the child will be a graduate. Al beats 79-year-old Robert De Niro, who just had a baby with Tiffany Chen.

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