Xbox Series S Microsoft’s Game Machine is at 20% discount on the Black Friday Sale

Hello tech geeks; here we are back again with another exciting news. This black Friday sale has unveiled a new bargain for the Xbox Series S. Moreover, this might make it a better purchase for those looking to get one during the Black Friday sale. The current-gen mini-low console’s price and robust features have made it a huge hit with gamers. Read the article to catch up more about this tech scoop.

Xbox has guaranteed players access to next-gen features despite a shortage thanks to the new Series S console. Its primary selling point is the excellent quality of the product for the price. Black Friday sales are currently held in many countries, allowing new customers to save even more money.

What about the discounts and price of the Xbox Series S?

Xbox Series S Microsoft's Game Machine is at 20% discount on the Black Friday Sale

Discounts can be found in many important categories, including electronics. Neither the PlayStation 5 nor the Xbox Series X have been particularly successful with buyers. Xbox has released a new bundle that includes its second next-gen game console. Currently, the price of an Xbox Series S is $249.99. It’s a nice savings of $50, especially because consoles are rarely discounted. The item may also become unavailable due to high demand, as has been the case in recent years.

As of today, the digital-only console’s regular $299 US price is reduced to $249 on the Microsoft Store. Canada has also witnessed a reduction in the Series S price, with the item now selling for $319 instead of $379. Microsoft hasn’t said whether or whether the console’s price will go down in other regions, and it hasn’t said when this promotion would finish. For reference, the console is listed at its regular price of £249 on the UK Microsoft Store.

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Where can gamers buy the Xbox Series S?

Xbox‘s official site saves gamers $50 on a brand-new gaming console. In addition, all orders placed during this time will be presented in a festive packaging. All legal residents of the United States will be able to take advantage of this offer by visiting the website.

Since the price cut originates with Xbox, consumers can find the same deal at all major retailers. The Series S is available for the same price at Target as at the Microsoft Store. Plus, while supplies last, Best Buy will throw in a $50 gift card, making the deal even sweeter.

Wrapping up

Everyone, from seasoned veterans to newcomers, may enjoy the next generation of video games on an Xbox Series S. With fewer delays, you may spend more time with loved ones during the holidays enjoying games.  Deals may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Microsoft Store or one of the many stores offering it.

For shoppers, the Black Friday sales season isn’t just about the Xbox Series S. There are now a lot of games on sale, so gamers have many options. The holidays are great for getting an Xbox Series S and some new games. All digital versions of the games are discounted by 50% for two weeks beginning on Black Friday at the Microsoft Store.

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