Strictly Come Dancing Halloween Week Elimination Results

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing expressed their amazement to know the people eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing during the week of Halloween. Also, all knew these details through leaked results regarding who would be eliminated from the competition this week.

Celebrities competed in last night’s show on Saturday, October 29, during Halloween week before tonight’s results show. Each celebrity dances around the dance floor to secure the scores.

Leaked Strictly spoiler mysteriously delayed as fans fear 'catastrophic' elimination - Mirror Online

Some Results Leaks Online for Strictly Come Dancing

All the moments and happenings after the live show’s results leaks are available online now. Moreover, fans flocked online to express their opinions, and many disagreed with the conclusion. The Strictly Spoiler, and Dave Thorp from Preston, disclose the details before the results are broadcast.

Dave usually releases his weekly spoilers not long after the show. But on October 29 night, he made an acknowledgment. As per the acknowledgment, it was taking longer than usual. Also, the mole situation was not looking good. 

Instead, according to a source, he reached out to a different mole on the show to gather the information. Also, then he confirms the spoilers on October 30 morning. 

Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Halloween Week results: EastEnders actor James Bye is out

Public Response to Dave’s Tweet 

Following their first shock at Dave’s tweet, fans circulated the information. Hence this topic became a topic of discussion in several groups. Also, a user commented, “It is a shame that the contestant who ought to have participated did not. The person that went was the one he likes.”

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Also, one more person had a statement. “This is unexpected. I appreciate your sharing.” The third point is that the dance loses popularity after a few weeks. Some have a significantly larger fan base. The judges are inconsistent, and Craig is the only one who consistently reminds people if they are evaluating a dance competition. Wow. Also, the fourth one says that it was unexpected.

Another celebrity, meanwhile, was called a one person and made a statement, “Oh my!” after advancing to the following week. At some point, the two worst will part ways. While the stars are raising the bar for performance, Tyler West, Dianne Buswell, Ellie Taylor, and Johannes Radebe receive a high score of 35. This pair thus stood at the top among the judges. 

A good score from the judge does not necessarily imply it will dazzle viewers at home because the final scores are determined by the judge’s comments and public votes.

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