FRIENDS star Matthew Perry discuss his battle against Drug abuse

In the teaser for The Diane Sawyer Interview, Matthew Perry broke down in tears when discussing his drug addictions and issues he had to face because of it.

Mentions of alcohol and drug misuse are trigger words

His forthcoming memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, will be released on October 28. Matthew Perry is being frank like never before. In the eagerly anticipated new book, his struggle with addiction is given.

The Friends actor also had a one-hour program. Matthew Perry: The Diane Sawyer Interview, in which he spoke openly with Diana Sawyer.

In the moving trailer for Matthew Perry: The Diane Sawyer Interview, he finally reveals the traumatic history behind the smile. It made countless people laugh out loud in the moving trailer for Matthew Perry: The Diane Sawyer Interview. 

The 53-year-old actor recalled his complicated past in the private talk. Identified the one co-star who reached out to him the most, even calling him out for his drinking and for whom he genuinely cares.

Michelle Williams and Jennifer Aniston supported Matthew Perry the most

Perry’s drastic physical shift between the seasons of Friends allowed viewers to watch his battle with addiction when addressing his Friends and castmates, who supported him during such a trying time.

He became emotional while speaking with Diana Sawyer. As Perry refers to Jennifer Aniston, his sister, Jenny, approaches him and says, “We know you’re drinking.”

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Perry said before expressing gratitude to Jennifer Aniston. She was the one that reached out the most. She has my sincere gratitude for that. Off-screen as well as on, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston are friends.

Matthew Perry Recalls His Addiction Battle

Secrets are fatal. People like me die from secrets. Diana Sawyer overheard Matthew Perry talking about his past drug and alcohol abuse. 

Perry recalled when his career was at its peak, “He should have been the talk of the town at the time. He was alone, meeting only drug traffickers in a pitch-black room.” Diana mentions Perry’s dependence on Methadone, Xanax, and a whole quart of vodka a day, in addition to 55 Vicodin a day, as admitted by Perry.

As for why this is the ideal time to share his tale, Matthew Perry said, “It was vital to him to do something. It would benefit people. However, if there’s one thing that Matthew Perry hasn’t changed, it’s his unfettered wit.” Diana Sawyer said, to which Matthew reply as, “Yeah, let’s do it again tomorrow.” 

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