Kim Kardashian 42nd birthday celebration: Sneak Peek

On social media, Kim Kardashian gave her fans a sneak peek at his 42nd birthday party. Moreover, it was a huge, expensive party. She had a party for her 44th birthday. Kim posted a few minutes of video showing how the night went. As the night went on, the party got wilder and wilder.

Japanese-themed Candle-lit dinner for Kim Kardashian 

The night started with a lovely dinner. Kim was sitting at a long, candle-lit table with a white tablecloth. Kris Jenner’s mother sat at the other end of the table from the birthday girl and gave an emotional speech during the meal.

“You are someone who inspires me every single day. The way you deal with everything in life. You take care of us all and handle your kids. You control your life and deal with whatever comes your way “, Jenner said through tears.

The menu had 15 courses of Japanese fusion food, such as spicy tuna crispy rice, Nobu style wagyu and lobster tacos, Miso Black cod, and toro nikiri soy with caviar name a few. Delicious!

Kim Kardashian's spectacular 42nd birthday party with luxurious dinner and Limousine tour | Marca

Cancellation of a private jet to see Usher!

After dinner, Kim and a few friends got on her birthday balloon-covered private jet to go to an Usher concert. Inside the plane, there were beautiful birthday decorations and Kardashian memorabilia. There were also jelly shots, which Kim seemed to enjoy more than anyone else.

Kim and her friends gave up on their private jet trip to the concert. As the strong winds prevented the plane from taking off. But that didn’t change the mood, and the party didn’t end there.

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Kim Kardashian's spectacular 42nd birthday party with luxurious dinner and Limousine tour | Marca

A ride through LA in a limo

Kim and her friends kept the party going by making up a luxury limousine ride through LA. After too many jelly shots, they stopped at In and Out burger. Kim’s Instagram story shows a strange moment when a worker at a fast-food chain reads back to her what she ordered.

Even with all her fame, Kim seems to like a greasy burger after a night of drinking. Moreover, she is just like the rest of us. Her strict diet and juice routine were put on hold for a while.

After eating a tasty burger, the jelly shots started again, and the party continued until late at night. This was all about her extravagant birthday party with her friends. Happy birthday Kim K!

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