Beta update versions shows new Google Messages app icon

Google updated the Android version of the Google Messages app on October 20. Users can exchange longer chats and higher-quality video, receive read receipts, and feel secure with end-to-end encryption (RCS). 

These features are only available. If the other chatters in the conversation also use RCS, it functions similarly to Apple’s iMessage.

The Google Message app will soon get new features

Along with other new capabilities, users will soon have the option to reply to a particular message in a discussion when RCS is enabled. It will allow a user to respond to a specific message without breaking the flow. 

Google started showing ‘iPhone users’ emoji reactions on Android phones earlier this year. In the Google Messages app, users can now react to SMS texts sent by iPhone users with an emoji.

Use of Voice Messages Transcription 

Voice Message Transcription will automatically translate the voice communications you receive. Google claims that if you are in crowds, you get an audio message from a loved one. You can view the audio using transcripts like a typical text message. 

The Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6A, and Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 have this feature. In addition to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the Galaxy S22 series.

Use of Messages App

You can remember significant events and appointments more efficiently by viewing reminders in the Messages app. The Google Messages app will also show the birthdays and anniversaries of your contacts. When someone sends you a link to a YouTube video inside the Messages app, you may view it there.

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Google Messages can now provide options if addresses, door codes, and phone numbers are in messages. If you anticipate needing to reaccess the communication, mark it as necessary. It can help you quickly locate the emails containing the required data. The Google Messages app will now recognize text messages. There will be a Meet video call option next to the message in the form of an icon.

In response to a message, it will suggest adding the event to Google Calendar. Users of the Google Pixel Watch can also ask Google Assistant to send a message. Google is testing a tool that will allow customers to communicate with businesses via the Messages app.

Google acknowledged that it is beta-testing a service in several countries. Users of Google Messages would be able to contact businesses they find on Search and Maps. Google claims that you can use this function to organize your upcoming trip. 

Would you like to communicate while you are in the air? 

Additionally, Google has a collaboration with United Airlines. Hence it helps to deliver texting on United Airlines flights as long as RCS is permitted. United WiFi will start providing this capability for most carriers this fall.

There is a change in the Google Messages icon too. Aside from that, upgrades to the Phone and Contacts apps will only improve communication. Of course, we diligently examined each pixel to ensure accuracy. According to Google, these new icons are easily recognizable as communication tools and are accessible to everyone.

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