Oculus Quest 3 will be alot cheaper than Meta Quest Pro

Here is some good news for all tech geeks out there. Meta Quest P will cost a lot more than Oculus Quest 3. On Tuesday, Meta showed off its top-of-the-line Meta Quest Pro headset. It will sell for $1,500 at the end of this month. It costs almost four times as much as a Meta Quest 2, which starts at $399 in the U.S.

What remarks are passed by Zuckerberg?

There is a vast difference in prices because of technology and the type of customer. Don’t worry if you are upset by how much the Meta Quest Pro costs. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has confirmed that the upcoming Oculus Quest 3 will cost between $300 and $500.

The CEO of Meta confirmed in an interview with Strachey that the Oculus Quest 3 was coming, but “not this year.” He also said it would cost between $300 and $500.

What are the salient features of Oculus Quest 3?

The headset is said to be less expensive and more consumer-friendly. It will be available after Quest Pro.

Suppose the leak is accurate and shows a near-final product. In that case, it makes sense for Meta to use its $800+ Quest Pro as a high-end developer kit. Moreover, this will kick off a new wave of mixed-reality games and experiences. The goal of making money off of that new wave of content with a more marketable product is what Meta strives for.

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Meta Oculus Quest 3 at around $400 confirmed, positioned to take on Sony's PSVR 2

When can we expect Oculus Quest 3 in the Market?

Now that we know Meta’s plans include a Quest 2 sequel, regular gamers can look forward to a new VR/AR headset inspired by Oculus. Now is the time.

“Quest Pro lets us add a lot of technology, improve that technology, and build out the development ecosystem before we can get the price down to what consumers can afford.”

“Not this year,” Zuckerberg said. This means that the Quest 2 will be three years old when Oculus 3 comes out, which I think will be next year (it came out in October 2020).

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What will the breakthrough in the market be?

This is a gaming technology adopted by numerous gamers. With the affordable option, the Meta will surely capture the VR market. It also depends on the quality of the headsets too.

With the Met VR headsets, it will come down to the games that can be played with them. These are a part of the broader gaming ecosystem. In real life and virtual reality, consumers can only benefit from price competition and a push for new software.

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