What are the activities you can do in the evening desert safari

The utmost opulent location in the whole emirate is Dubai, the official capital of the UAE. Although the UAE is well renowned for its exotic entertainment, breathtaking skyline, and elegant attractions, the Dubai adventure looks unique.

The spectacular Arabian Safari includes treks, wildlife viewing from a Range Rover, as well as an evening immersed in enjoyment in the middle of the desert while being surrounded by nature.

If one wants to spend a weekend in the vast Arabian desert, there are many enjoyable things and attractive lodging options that will make your trip memorable. When it comes to going on such a desert safari in Dubai, one has numerous possibilities.

Why evening safari is the best

Any adventurer exploring Dubai must take part mostly in Evening Safari. One will be picked up from their accommodation with convenient tour transportation in such a four-wheel vehicle and taken out to discover the Arabian sand.

Engage with the various enjoyable activities in Dubai which are easily accessible to you, such as camel rides, dune storming, plus henna art, or challenge your balance in an amazing sand boarding adventure. Take your time and explore about; this excursion is an excellent chance to snap stunning sunset sights of the dunes.

Spend the evening with a delectable BBQ supper with limitless beverages and shisha puffing before the night comes to a close with such Tandora plus belly dance performance under the moonlight.

Fat bike

The newest pastime to be introduced to a safari tour is thought to be riding fat bikes. Such bicycles were created especially for the desert. It would be an exhilarating experience that lets you discover the desert plants and animals that travel with you on your expedition.

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You’ll be bicycling for over five hours. You have a possibility to see some creatures when you engage in this sated sport. Fat biking requires a height of about 130 cm as well as a good level of physical strength.


In every way, Adventure in Dubai is unparalleled whenever it refers to the ultimate nighttime adventures. You may enjoy the most spectacular celestial phenomena and stellar outbursts mostly in the Arabian Desert evening sky when the sun goes down.

On your desert encampment, you may unwind and relish in some stargazing while taking advantage of the free snacks and Arabian espresso. You could unwind from the fatigue of your day there excursion by taking in the tranquil atmosphere of the dunes under the starry sky.

When the temperature of the day calms down, one can also catch a peek at a diverse range of animals that reside there. For those seeking tranquility, the peaceful desert environment is a sanctuary in opposition to the lavish lifestyle of Dubai.


Upon that journey, experience the Arabian desert’s waves at night and learn about the allure of the desert lifestyle. Authentic Arabic cabins are erected throughout the campground just in the desert, with such a glimpse of a starry sky.

Another addition to the nighttime desert safari seems to be the overnight adventure. It’s the perfect balance of nighttime and daytime in the Desert since you can watch the sun starting to rise as well as setting over there. Sit around a bonfire while eating a BBQ dinner and watching belly dance and fire shows.

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Dune Buggy

Would you like to take a dear one along on the epic journey? The Dune Buggy is your best option in that case. Up to Four people and the motorist can ride in the enormous and tough Dune Buggy.

Enjoy with your mates and relatives, you can count on a thrilling journey in which you will shout with delight. You could go diving and climb extremely tall sand dunes. One can even take a break at the tops of the dunes to take in the breathtaking desert scenery in peace.

Professional drivers who are familiar with the terrain operate the Dune Buggy in quite an effort to provide you with the most thrilling adventure experience possible.


In a nutshell, you can enjoy an evening safari with your family and friends. You can experience the best desert safari ever because there are various things to enjoy and experience the wonderful adventure. This Dubai Safari trip is a voyage full of Arabian experiences and thrills, apart from the glitz of the metropolis. There are many choices for individuals who are willing to jump in.


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