Overwatch 2 Update: Account Merge And LC-208 Error

When Overwatch 2 came out, people had some different feelings about it. Blizzard’s attempt at a free-to-play online model is admirable because it wants to make the game easier for new players to get into. However, long-time fans feel like they are being ignored, and their feedback isn’t considered.

Did Overwatch 2 fix the issues?

All of that will be fixed in future updates, but for now, Blizzard is mostly focused on making sure Overwatch 2 works as it should, and the LC-208 error is the focus of the latest update.

First, Blizzard will fix “many of the remaining LC-208 errors” over the next few hours. This login error makes it hard for many people to get into the game. I haven’t had a chance to check on PS5 and Switch today to see if those problems have been fixed. I had those problems on Thursday and Friday, and I still haven’t been able to get into PS5.

How to Fix "Error Code LC-208" in Overwatch 2 - Followchain

What did players face while playing the game?

Some players who merged their accounts still miss skins, other items, and stats. Many other people are also waiting for their account merges to happen. Just to let you know, your things are still safe. If you’re coming from Overwatch, you haven’t lost anything. Getting through the backlog of requests to merge accounts just takes time.

The server wait times to get into the game and merge their accounts from Overwatch seem to be a significant source of frustration for both new and old Overwatch 2 players.

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Blizzard did have a small communication plan in place before the launch to encourage players to take this care of before launch, but the gaming community’s rush on day one seemed to force many people to wait in a line of tens of thousands.

How to Fix LC-208 Error | Overwatch 2|Game8

What did Blizzard mention about the game?

Also, it looked like some players lost their stats, progress, and skins, but Blizzard says that your stuff is safe and that everything you had in Overwatch will eventually show up in Overwatch 2.

Undoubtedly, the Blizzard team has a considerable backlog of accounts and merges to work through, but everything should work fine with time. If you’re still waiting for your account merge to finish, though, Saturday’s update could be good news.

Blizzard said, “We’re increasing capacity to move account migrations faster because we know there are long lines.”

That’s all for now, but Team 4 says it will keep everyone informed as it works to fix the problems. It also said it would give a more in-depth report on how things are going by Monday.

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