Meghan Markle felt uneasy after Kate Middleton’s icy stare, expert says

An icy exchange between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton denotes that the Duchess of Sussex is nervous. And that the new Princess of Wales is attempting to freeze her out.

Milton, Prince William, Markle, and her husband, Prince Harry, were giving each other a chilly stare. Hence it is on September 10 at Windsor Castle during memorial services for Queen Elizabeth II.

An Embarrassing Moment on Camera

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stand behind Prince William and Kate Middleton in Westminster Hall - New York Times Post

The camera captures the embarrassing moment. And viewers speculated as to what the seeming heated conversation might mean. According to expert Katia Loisel, Meghan appeared uneasy during the brief discussion. And her self-confidence seems ripped.

Claim by Loisel

As Loisel said to a source in Australia, “Quite unlike the confident Meghan we know, Meghan appeared ill at ease throughout this interaction. Also, it is not surprising given the recent criticism that she has endured.”

Loisel claimed that although Kate seemed reluctant to socialize. Prince William attempted to include and connect with his brother and sister-in-law. Loisel declared Meghan gave Kate many looks, but Kate didn’t return the favor. 

Instead, she claimed, Kate seemed to look right through her, suggesting underlying tension between the two. The expert took Meghan’s reaction to her sisters-in-law and hesitant.

According to Loisel, Meghan walked sideways, orienting her body away from Kate, transferring her weight from foot to foot, and hunching her head slightly. 

Loisel noted several nonverbal signs Meghan used to communicate her discomfort. Further, it includes crossing her arms in front of her body, lifting her arm as if to wave, and fidgeting with her hair.

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According to Loisel, Meghan may have felt uncomfortable and unsure where to position herself. Prince Harry was kindly standing behind her, softly stroking her arms and leading her in a supportive and reassuring gesture. Online opinions on Middleton’s intentions and Markle’s response are now mixed.

Claim by Another Person

It reads like Meghan is trying not to overstep. Therefore, she takes her cue from William, who directs the shots. Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, the royal siblings reunited. The capture of two spouses together for the first time was in 2020. Also, it was the day before as they greeted visitors at Windsor Castle.

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they have famously departed their royal responsibilities. And then, they moved to California in early 2020. Also, tensions between the royal family and the newlyweds are reportedly high.

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