Steve Jobs daughter mocks iPhone 14’s release on Instagram

The descendant of one of Apple’s founders has questioned the company’s legacy. Hence it is Eve Jobs mocking the most recent iPhone announcement on Instagram. Moreover, the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro were among the new items that Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled late on September 7 at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Comments on New Apple Products

People joked and commented on the launch of the new Apple products on social media. Then it generated a lot of online discussions. Eve Jobs is the daughter of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Eve added her two cents by posting a meme on her Instagram page.

Post on Instagram

Steve Jobs' Daughter Mocks Apple's iPhone 14 With a Meme

Eve Jobs posted a picture to her stories of a man happily carrying a brand-new shirt. Also, it is identical to the one he is wearing, sharing a joke on her verified Instagram account. The caption reads, “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.” The meme implies that the most recent version (14) will be nearly identical to the earlier version (13).

Eve Jobs Biography

Eve Jobs is a model, equestrian, and social media star. Eve is 24 years old and shared the meme with her 307,000 followers. Eve’s mother is Mrs. Laurene Powell Jobs. In a recent Vanity Fair feature, Eve Jobs was said to own an iPhone. She continued, “All day, every day. It is. It makes her feel warm,” calling it “a great reminder for me every day.”

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News from Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook also revealed the Apple Watch Series 8. Further, it is the Apple Watch Ultra, a new generation of AirPods, and the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Then, the Instagram image by Eve Jobs attracted several social media users’ attention. When @waxmonke learned that Eve existed, he tweeted, “Steve Jobs called his child Eve Jobs.”

“Poor Steve. He would not put anything out to the public until he thought it would change & assist the world. Now Apple is all purchasing our new $2,000 tablet that highlights everything except what you want, and we will add AirPods for only $300! Go us! “

Praise from Different Users

Eve received praise for her open post from @Natalia77065471, who added, “That’s nice that she keeps things honest. She means she’s not wrong. Another user added she means she’s not wrong.”

Then, the Twitter user @wallstmemes claimed to have originated the meme and commented on how Eve Jobs had utilized it, causing the media to “go crazy.”

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