Sonos Flagship Speakers will play sounds in all Directions

By the end of 2022, Sonos will have shifted its focus back to high-end devices after concentrating on mid-range goods like the Ray and the launch of its voice service. In addition to the postponed Sub Mini, the business is developing a new high-end speaker under the codename Optimo 2.

New Design and Advancement

The Verge has seen the Optimo 2 prototypes compared to the Sonos One, Five, Arc, Beam, and Roam. It represents a significant design advancement. The new gadget, housed in a unique dual-angled enclosure, will be promoted as Sonos’s highest-quality speaker. It has several drivers; some fire from behind the shell, some from the front speaker grille, and others from the backplate. Although the 3D model above has a golden finish, Sonos will likely stick with white and black for the Optimo 2’s color scheme. Our illustration depicts the front of the gadget, with a vertical rectangle denoting the intended location of the Sonos brand logo.

Sonos reportedly working on multi-directional speaker

Speakers never like before

The current roadmap indicates that Optimo 2 will become the Swiss Army Knife of Sonos speakers. Like the rest of the company’s offerings, it will enable streaming music over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Playback through Bluetooth is available only on hand-held devices like the Roam and the Move. An intriguing possibility is that the device will support line-in playback through USB-C. If so, it would join the Sonos Five as the only other current Sonos speaker with line-in inputs.

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About the Aux Input

In contrast to the Sonos Five’s more conventional 3.5mm aux input. The Optimo 2’s performance can automatically be fine-tuned thanks to its onboard microphones. It’s been confirmed that those mics will work with Sonos Voice Control. It’s possible that some of these ideas won’t make it into the finished product.

Sonos New PLAY:5: Great Sound at All Angles – The Mac Observer

A surreal experience in sound 

Dolby Atmos will be showcased in full glory on the Optimo 2, thanks to its multitude of drivers (including what appears to be an upward-firing one). However, that’s only a small part of the whole. The Verge can reveal that in addition to the Optimo 2, the company is also working on the Optimo 1 and the Optimo 1 SL. The absence of microphones in the latter is indicated by the letter “SL.” A future substantial update to Sonos’ software base is integral to all three products, allowing for the release of previously unattainable features.

More Colors and Voice Control

Sonos introduced the Sonos Ray, Sonos Voice Control, and the Roam SL (along with additional Roam colors) during its fiscal 2022. Sonos has also been buying other companies, such as May Holding BV, whose technology Sonos says “has pioneered a new, groundbreaking approach to audio transducers,” making them more compact and portable without sacrificing sound quality.

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