Holly Willoughby’s down-to-earth fanbase is ‘turned off by her hippy lifestyle brand

Holly has been moving into the health and fitness industry since last year. But now we hear, “The issue is that for fans, that’s a tiny bit hippie,” according to an insider. They say normal people aren’t interested in Holly Willoughby’s hippy lifestyle brand. Thus, her normal fans are turned off.

Hippy-inspired lifestyle brand

It’s been normal for viewers of This Morning to see Holly, 41, dressed in affordable high-street labels, and many find her approachable demeanor endearing.

In contrast, Holly announced her expansion into the wellness industry last year. When she introduced the Wylde Moon lifestyle brand. That centers on sound baths and crystals.

According to a source for The Sun, Holly has “made no secret” of being motivated by Gwyneth Paltrow. The only issue is that it comes off as a little hippie-y to the people watching them daily.

Where is Holly Expanding?

However, Holly revealed last year that she was expanding into the wellness industry by starting a lifestyle company called Wylde Moon, which focuses on sound baths (shown) and crystals.

Drew inspiration from aspirations

“The most inspiring thing for me was watching you abandon what was working and pursue something new that came from your heart and desire.”

What did Gwyneth say in response? “Women should follow their biggest aspirations.”

What was PR Expert Ed’s take on Holly?

PR expert Ed Hopkins suggested that from a business standpoint, Holly could be on the winning side, despite claims that she no longer has a relationship with her audience. He thought Holly’s approach to the American market was astute, calling her “extremely likable” and adding that he thinks people there would “enjoy” her.

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Right on! According to PR expert Ed Hopkins, Holly may be on the winning side of the business ledger despite claims to the contrary.

Holly Willoughby's fans 'turned off' by her 'hippy' brand Wylde Moon - IItm

Established business in 2021

Inspired by fellow Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow’s immensely successful Goop website, Holly established her latest business in 2021 with an emphasis on health and wellness. Furthermore, the TV host’s initial foray into the fragrance industry with the debut of The Wild has been very fruitful for the company.

She has defined Wyledemoon as a place where women can come to learn about crystal energies, get style tips, and discuss topics related to personal empowerment.

Holly Willoughby's fans 'turned off' by her 'hippy' brand Wylde Moon - IItm

What were Holly’s thoughts when she started off?

When Holly first started Wyldemoon, she wrote, “I want Wyldemoon to be a place where I can share the things I love, the lessons I’ve learned, the things I see and instantly identify to and want to share.” A lifestyle expert estimated that the Holly brand, if successful, might be worth up to £12 million at the time of its launch.

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