Poldark’s shirtless scything scene was not a publicity shot, reveals Turner

According to Aidan Turner, the makeup artist was airbrushed out of the photo. It was initially a behind-the-scenes shot. His shirtless scenes in Poldark on news sources made him a national heartthrob. It also includes some of the most iconic scenes in television history.

The Story Behind Photos

The picture of Aidan Turner is the bare-chested, scythe-wielding body. But, he claims it didn’t intend to be a publicity shot. The original behind-the-scenes photo included hair and cosmetics artist Jacquie Fowler. With whom the 39-year-old claimed. He could not look at the picture without remembering.

Turner Does not feel Objectified.

Photographs of the actor portraying the smoldering. The emergence of Ross Poldark sparked a discussion. It is over how he highlighted his topless figure. But Turner insisted that he did not feel objectified. It is safer to draw attention to this picture because it shows a young man. How would the media have covered it if it had been a young woman?

Poldark star says shirtless scene gave him more empathy for women | Poldark | The Guardian


Turner acquired a tattoo while on vacation in Tenerife some time ago. Fowler was photographed covering up the tattoo. But Turner was later Photoshopped out of the picture. Turner told a news source, “The first thing he notices when he views the picture is that the makeup artist who was concealing a tattoo has been airbrushed out. Jacquie Fowler always comes to mind. When he considered why she didn’t take that picture. She was laying down a tattoo right there.”

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Program Preparation

Turner claimed that being in good shape for the program. It ran for five seasons between 2015 and 2019. He said, “He figured in his preparation that it simply felt appropriate to get himself into it, considering. It is that Ross Poldark was a really busy guy and the kind of diet he’d be on. He’s a farmer, he works, he rides a horse all the time, and he’s a soldier,” he said to the magazine.

Poldark star's topless scything voted top TV moment of 2015 | Television | The Guardian

What is Turner’s Role?

The famous historical drama contributed to news sources one receives. It’s the best audience share in ten years. Turner will play Joe O’Loughlin as a clinical psychologist. Joe has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It is in the ITV suspense drama The Suspect.

When does it Premiere?

His appearance in the historical drama that made him famous is a far cry. It is due to his impending role as a shady doctor in the ITV thriller The Suspect. The Line of Duty creators has created the new television series. It premieres on August 22. It is based on the book by Michael Robotham. In 2015, he also played the dashing Philip Lombard in a racy rendition of Agatha Christie’s.

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