A woman testifies that R. Kelly sexually abused her on video when she was a minor

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On August 17, a witness played a vital role in R. Kelly’s legal issues. The R&B musician repeatedly assaulted her sexually before she turned 18 years old. The videotape focuses on his 2008 child pornography trial featuring her and Kelly. She was 14 at the time. Kelly, now 55, would have been about 30 at the time. Kelly is accused of plotting to rig that trial in 2008.

Some jurors claimed that they were forced to convict the R&B singer. By that point, the girl chose not to give testimony. On August 18, Jane admitted that she had lied to a state grand jury in 2002 while testifying. Jane testified on the witness stand for more than four hours for the government. Kelly’s lawyer was expected to have the opportunity to question Jane in opposition. She started on August 19. 

What Questions Did the Prosecutor had For Kelly?

On July 18, near the conclusion of the day, a prosecutor questioned Jane. She decided to start speaking openly about what occurred with Kelly in recent years because of this. She retorted, “She was sick of putting up with his lies.” She continued by saying that federal prosecutors assured her she wouldn’t face charges of lying to the police if she issued an honest statement during this trial.

Jane had also started to cry earlier. It happened when questioned about why Kelly was seen giving her money in the video. She claimed it was a preventive measure in case he got accused.

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She spoke of Kelly being confronted by her parents in the early 2000s. The question is whether he had intercourse with their daughter. Kelly knelt and pleaded with her parents to pardon him.

Jane testified to the jury that she wanted the Grammy-winning musician to be her godfather in the late 1990s because she regarded him as a role model and mentor. 

Kelly Sentenced to Jail

This year, a federal judge in New York sentenced Kelly to 30 years in jail. It is for his conviction in 2021 for abusing fans’ sex while they were admiring him. The goal of prosecutor Jason Julien’s opening remarks on August 17 was to prepare the jury for the accusers’ testimony. Jane is mentioned to serve as a reminder that the abuse of frequently terrified and perplexed youngsters was still a significant concern during the trial.

Kelly Attorney Statement 

As Kelly’s career took off, his lead attorney pleaded with the jury not to believe what she claimed was the prosecution’s portrayal of her client as “a monster.” She added that because Kelly had intellectual difficulties, such as illiteracy, he was forced to rely on others and was occasionally misled by those close to him.

When Jane first took the stand on August 18, she spoke softly and hesitantly. She discussed her upbringing in a musical family in the Chicago suburbs, where she was home-schooled because she was in a traveling musical group for 12 years. When Jane was a junior in high school in the late 1990s, she first met Kelly.

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She had accompanied her aunt, a working singer who had worked with Kelly, to Kelly’s Chicago recording studio. Jane informed her parents that Kelly would be her godfather soon after that meeting.

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