Johnny Deep praised by Mads Mikklsen for his return to Fantastic Beast

The Secrets of Dumbledore were disappointing, casting doubt on the continuation of the series. It’s challenging to identify a single factor responsible for the failure of Fantastic Beasts 3, but Johnny Depp’s acrimonious exit from the set can’t have helped. However, the actor has hinted that he may return to play his role. 

Skeptical about his Return

Depp stated in court that he had begun filming scenes for his planned return as Grindelwald but ultimately stepped away from the role at the request of Warner Bros. Many of Depp’s supporters protested the film’s release because they felt it was unfair that Johnny had to leave his part. With new actor Mads Mikkelson in the role of Grindelwald, Warner Bros. pushed forward with the movie. Despite the positive reviews for Mikkelsen’s portrayal, Fantastic Beasts 3 may have suffered greatly from having to recast Johnny Depp’s role.

According to Deadline, Mikkelsen has repeatedly spoken out about the recasting controversy. Being a fan of Depp’s, Mikkelsen admits it was “extremely intimidating” to play the character. Since Depp’s slander trial ended well, Mikkelsen thinks Depp may reprise the role.

It was a terrifying experience. The tide has turned, obviously, and we shall see if he returns now that he has won the action, the court. Possibly, he would. To put it simply, I adore Johnny. 

A New Grindelwald Appears in Fantastic Beasts 

Mikkelsen continued by describing his experience taking over for Depp. Even though he portrayed the same character as Johnny Depp, Mads Mikkelsen realized he couldn’t hope to match Depp’s performance.  I was unable to replicate the results. It’s so obviously his style that there was no way I could replicate it. It’d be like shooting yourself in the foot artistically. So we had to think of something else, something that was uniquely my, to help us connect. Indeed, it was frightening in that respect. His adoring public was adorable, although they might sometimes be stubborn. Although I didn’t spend much time with them, I could see why they were hurting within.

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The Concluding Notes

Would Johnny Depp be interested in reprising his part as Newt Scamander if there were a fourth installment of the Fantastic Beasts film series, as has been suggested by Mikkelsen? After his dismissal from Disney, Johnny Depp declared he might return to the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and it’s possible he feels the same way about Warner Bros. and the Fantastic Beasts property. Fans are excited after the news.

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