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NewsMicrosoft Office to support Apple Pencil's handwriting-to-text feature

Microsoft Office to support Apple Pencil’s handwriting-to-text feature

Key Specifications:

  • Microsoft rolls out the beta version of its Office app for iPad
  • Users need to enable this feature from the Settings
  • The feature will roll out globally in the coming weeks

Tech giant Microsoft releases a new beta version of its  Office app for iPad. The new app comes with support for the Apple Pencil’s handwriting-to-text feature Scribble. The feature allows you to insert and edit the text in a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel spreadsheet using the Apple Pencil, with handwriting automatically converted into typed text.

Apple Scribble catches what you’re writing on the screen with the Apple Pencil and converts it into typed text that can be read by an app. Scribble was introduced in iPadOS 14 and is available for any iPad that supports the original or second-generation Apple Pencil.

Microsoft Office will soon get the handwriting-to-text feature

The feature is available for testing by members of the Office Insider program through TestFlight. The update will likely be released on the App Store for all users in the coming weeks.

Scribble was added in iPadOS 14 for any iPad that supports the original or second-generation Apple Pencil, including any iPad Pro, the third-generation iPad Air and newer, the fifth-generation iPad mini and newer, and the sixth-generation iPad and newer.

How to Access the new feature?

After enabling the Scribble feature in Settings and then Apple Pencil, the feature can be used by tapping the Scribble Pen button under the Draw tab in version 2.64 of the Office app.

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Microsoft’s unified Office app with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel gained iPad compatibility in February 2021 and is also available for the iPhone. The update will be going to be available on Apple’s App Store for all users in the following weeks.

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