Xbox Suspension Not Showing and Enforcement History Not Working (Check Fixes)

Got Suspension from Xbox and not able to access Xbox Enforcement History? Then this post is for you.

Xbox One is undoubtedly the best Gaming Console that offers thousands of the best Video games. To maintain a safe and fun environment for gaming, Microsoft has some protocols that every player needs to follow.

If the players do not follow these codes of conduct, the Xbox enforcement team may issue various types of bans and suspensions, which vary in severity.

You can check behind the reason for your suspension through an Enforcement History. Recently, there are several players that are complaining that their Xbox suspension and ban aren’t showing & enforcement history is not working. Is there a fix?

Read out the whole post to get some solutions to Xbox Suspension Not  Showing Enforcement History Problem.

Xbox One- Cause of the Ban.

If you accidentally violate any code of Conduct of the Xbox platform, its impact will be ban or suspension. The range of the suspension depends on the kind of rule you violated.

It can range the suspension of the account from a week to several months. The impact of the ban is worse as the players will not be able to play their favorite games. Microsoft is now working on a new Game Pass. Know details here

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Here is a summary of the types of Xbox One bans and suspensions:

Type of Suspension or BanWhat It Means
Temporary suspensionsA user’s profile is momentarily banned from using the Xbox Live product related to the violation, for example, joining parties
Communication suspensionsThe user loses access to all communication features on Xbox Live, such as text and voice messages
Account suspensionThe user’s account cannot access Xbox Live during the suspension period
Permanent suspensionThe banned user’s account cannot access Xbox Live for good
Xbox Live device bansThe Xbox console or device is forever banned from accessing Xbox Live. The ban applies to the device, not a user profile—no one can use that particular device on Xbox Live again


If you are suspended from your Xbox One Account, do not lose hope. There are options to appeal your suspension. If you are not guilty, you can contact the Microsoft  Enforcement team.

Enforcement Xbox history is the place where players can check what offense they have committed that results in Suspension.

The Xbox enforcement team handles all such cases. Contacting customer support is useless, they are not going to help you in this matter.

However, lots of players are facing issues with the Enforcement system.

Reasons for Xbox Enforcement History not Showing?

Unable to check the Xbox Suspension History? Before moving to its fixes, it is better to understand the reasons for it.

An issue with the Server

It is due to a Microsoft Server Issue. The Company states that there are lots of issues with the site. The Company is working to fix the issues with the Server.

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Due to Bug

Do not worry about your suspension as you are not alone. There are thousands of players around the globe who received permanent ban notifications. According to the Company, it’s a bug.

How to fix Xbox enforcement history & suspension not showing?

Sadly, Xbox Enforcement History is the only way to know the reason behind the suspension and how long it will take. The Customer Support team will not be able to help you out.

As a result, you are just left with the option to sit calmly and wait for Microsoft will take action against this issue. Check out after every few days if the enforcement History starts working correctly or not.

Really impatient and can’t wait for more? Want your issue solved now? Keep reading!!

By using another platform like DoNotPay

If you are having trouble accessing your Suspension History. DonotPay will help you. It has all the information you need and can help you appeal a ban or suspension with a few taps.

DoNotPay contains a tool that will provide you with the history of your suspension in less than five minutes. All you have to do is sign up for DoNotPay and then follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all, Subscribe to DoNotPay
  2. Locate the Unban Gaming Account product
  3. Answer a few questions about your suspended account
  4. Click Sign and Submit. That’s it!

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